Reddit Has Mixed Reactions To This Costco 'Break Room'

People in Costco's Reddit community sure are passionate about the international wholesale store. Created in May 2010, it has 178,000 members and bio that reads like that of a true wholesale club fan. "Welcome to Costco, I love you," it says. Members can post everything from their love for certain products to their unique experiences in their local Costco warehouse. One recent thread in the community, however, expressed concern over the conditions in one Costco's "break room."

Costco employees have all sorts of different job requirements, from moving 50-pound bags from one side of the warehouse to another to dealing with rude customers. So, one might expect that this large corporation would provide them with a proper break room. Yet, one particular Costco failed to do so — at least in the eyes of certain Reddit users.

One member of the Costco subreddit, @cheeseisdreamy, posted a picture of a small, outdoor area designated as the "Costco Employee Breakroom" and seemingly joked about the way the company had "really splurged" on their hard-working staff members.

People have different perspectives on the Costco 'break room'

In the Reddit user's photo of the Costco break room, the space was marked with a safety cone and flanked by a few of the chain's signature food court tables and benches. The thread had the seemingly sarcastic title, "Really splurged on their employees."

While some users were appalled at the lack of privacy and comfort this "break room" provides, some members, like @DadGrocks, suggested that this space might be used for workers who chose to smoke during their breaks. Several people seconded this person's comment, including @RefugeefromSAforums, who wrote, "Yeah, my Costco has this on the back end of the building, even has a shade structure over the tables."

Others, however, like @unoriginalname86, considered the possibility that the break room was moved outside due to COVID-19 precautions. In addition, they wrote, "I could see a manager marking it as such to keep customers from overwhelming what is meant to be a break space for employees."

Nonetheless, some Costco fans didn't see this break room as sufficient. @PolyJuicedRedHead sarcastically wrote, "An attempt was made," and tagged the Reddit community of the same name in their comment.