Pebbles Cereal Snack Packets Are Here And Fans Are Overjoyed

Cereal has seen a renaissance as of late. According to Food Business News, breakfast cereal sales have steadily increased over 2021, partially due to the pandemic. As a result, producers have found new ways to innovate on this breakfast staple and keep buyers excited with new options. Some brands have tapped into nostalgia to sell new takes on classic cereals, while other brands rolled out new flavors. Certain food producers even introduced health-focused cereal, touted as a more wholesome breakfast option.

Post cereals looks to capitalize on this wave of momentum with their latest product that promises to take cereal into new territories. According to Food Dive, the brand has released Pebbles Shake Ups! Cocoa Explosion and Pebbles Shake Ups! Sweet & Salty, packaged mixes of cereals and other goodies. The Cocoa Explosion pack features a blend of Cocoa Pebbles Boulders, Chocolate Honeycomb cereal, and marshmallow bits, while the Sweet & Salty pack comes with Birthday Cake Pebbles Boulders, Waffle Crisp cereal, and pretzel pieces. These new snack packs of cereal join Post's Shake Up! line of cereal products, which includes Marshmallow Fruity Pebbles. Fruity Pebbles and Cocoa Pebbles have jumped across products as of late, having appeared in ice cream, protein powder, makeup, and more. This new snack pack has made waves with fans and anyone who craves these sweet mashups can indulge at their earliest convenience.

Sweet details about Shake Ups!

Snack Food and Wholesale Bakery reports that anyone looking to get their hands on these new Pebbles products can now do so, as the snack packs have officially hit shelves. A large 6-ounce pouch retails at $3.99 and for $4.99, you can score a 6-count snack pouch box. According to The Kitchn, the new items are currently available in select grocery stores. 

Fans of the nostalgic of Pebbles cereal can find something to love about these items, and as the year presses on, shoppers might see even more novel takes on nostalgic products. But for now, if you count yourself as a Pebbles cereal fan, make sure to check out these snack packs next time you hit the grocery store. The word's still out on how the products taste, but with any luck, they should remind you of Saturday morning cartoons and sweep you up in a wave of nostalgia.