TikTok Disapproves Of This Shopper's Walmart Strategy

TikTok consumer reveals are far from a rare occurrence. The gist of the popular videos involves someone uncovering a generally unknown revelation and exposing the secret to the world. Mashed has reported on several TikTok videos that have featured major companies, including McDonald's and Aldi. Still, a TikTok video showing how one user boosts the amount of liquid in dish soap bought at Walmart has divided the social media site.

The viral video — uploaded by user @chemical.xxx — is covered by the caption "Walmart is not ripping me off" and shows a person pouring liquid from one bottle of Dawn dish soap into another, removing the space at the top of the container by filling it to the brim.

Leaving gaps in a product is common practice among businesses in order to prevent items from becoming damaged, reports WCPO. The process is called slack fill, which Winston and Strawn confirm companies are prevented from using for anything other than essential reasons. However, TikTok users have been debating whether the dish soap dispensing is ingenious or unscrupulous.

Some TikTok users were disappointed by the video, but others have been inspired

The liquid exchange has generated thousands of comments on TikTok, with many users exclaiming their disagreement with the decision in the video. One commenter described the actions as the "most petty thing I've seen in my life," while another stated that taking from a different bottle meant someone else would be ripped off. One comment simply displayed emojis of a police car and officer, and another bluntly opined, "that's sad." Many replies argued that bottle gaps are a safety feature.

However, some TikTok users agreed with the video's method, including one who claimed they would look the other way and another stating that the same should be done for laundry detergent. One reply said, "I do that too," while a further comment revealed a wish to be able to fill up bags of chips.

Packaging Digest recommends companies communicate to customers why slack fill is important for keeping items safe and suitable for sale to avoid coming under increased social media scrutiny for gaps left in products. It additionally adds that businesses should make clear that consumers pay for the quantity of the product rather than the size of the packaging.