Fans Are Mourning This Redditor's Shattered Costco Wine Bottles

The Costco Reddit community is abuzz with chatter once again — but not over Costco hacks or the best finds at the food court. This time, they're mourning the loss of one Redditor's shattered Kirkland-brand wine bottles. U/Wonder_Woman217 posted a picture of the sorrowful "fallen Costco Malbec" scene, which depicted lots of red wine spilled over a once spotless hardwood floor. It appears that the entire case of wine shattered completely, leaving a mess for the customer to clean up and no Malbec to sip on.

Kirkland Signature Malbec is known to be affordable for its quality. According to Reverse Wine Snob, one bottle comes at the low price of $6.99. The wine is aged for 12 months and is manufactured in Mendoza, Argentina. The blog calls this Costco wine "Bulk Buy material" and describes it as an easy drink. Though the Reddit user may at least be able to take solace in the fact that their wasted wine was more economical than exorbitant, people are still grieving their loss in the comments of the post.

Reddit had both jokes and condolences

Reddit users reacted to u/Wonder_Woman217's spill in a variety of ways. Some responded with humor: "Blame it in the aaaalcohol," wrote @No-Offer-3088, presumably referencing the Jamie Foxx song. Another wrote, "More like fallbec am I right?!" Many were empathetic. "Oh No! And that is one of my very favorite Kirkland wines. Condolences during this difficult time," one. wrote. Others remarked on the sad scene, and one called for "a moment of silence."

Some Redditors were concerned about how the floor and walls would fare. "Hope it didn't stain anything!" said u/PhilG-SD. "The wall/door is the real potential victim here," u/nutt3rbutt3r began, going on to explain that they've had the same negative experience before. They offered some advice to the original poster in regards to how to get the stain off their surfaces with baking soda and a sponge. Finally, different users had other advice, such as, "Looks like you need to transition into your Box Wine phase."