Sam Adams' Super Bowl Ad Pokes Fun At The Company's Boston Roots

Sam Adams' new Super Bowl commercial embraces Boston's character both past and present in this 2022 debut. While the brand gets its name from Boston patriot Samuel Adams, who was born in 1722, this new ad brings this classic beer to the future, reminding us that Boston still has so much to offer. Titled "Your Cousin From Boston (Dynamics)," the commercial debuts on YouTube on February 4, and will air during the Super Bowl "regionally across 13 markets and stream nationally via Yahoo/Verizon," per a press release sent to Mashed.

The brand describes the ad as being like "Night at the Museum...with robots. And beer." Viewers first meet two strongly Boston-accented security guards including "Your Cousin" who look ready to drink and party as they call for their "dog" Spot. Spoiler alert — Spot isn't a regular dog but a famous robot dog (he even knows Katy Perry) because the party is happening at Boston Dynamics, an innovative robotics company with a mission "to imagine and create exceptional robots that enrich people's lives."

A Boston-style wicked party

In the ad, the robots and the Bostonians come together to enjoy the new Wicked IPA Party Pack from Sam Adams, which includes Wicked Hazy, Wicked Easy, Wicked Double, and Wicked Tropical IPA. Robots start pouring a cold one as everyone gets their groove on with a multitude of dancing bots of all shapes and sizes (via YouTube). It may sound unbelievable, but the press release notes that there is absolutely NO CGI used in this commercial — these robots are dancing for real. Fans will probably have to watch the 30 second commercial (or 60 second extended clip) a few times to fully witness all the amazing robot action, from pouring drinks and shaking hands to playing fetch and dancing up a storm. 

Party packs can be located online through the Sam Adams website or at local retailers, so cousins from all over can toast to their robot buddies and get ready for game day.