Why Stanley Tucci Doesn't Believe He Has A Favorite Food

A key question to ask when getting to know someone is "What's your favorite food?" While you may find a few people who are able to answer right on the spot, most of us have to think about it. And even then, it's difficult if not impossible to narrow it down to just one food. Who can decide between mac 'n' cheese and pizza? Grilled cheese and tater tots? Fried chicken and cheeseburgers? Honestly, it's easier to list off a whole bunch of favorites (maybe some from childhood)

When one worried individual asked Reddit if it was normal not to be able to pick a favorite, the resounding answer was "Yes." One person said, "There's always just too many options to really choose a favorite. Plus my liking/preference changes like every six weeks." Another person pointed out, "There really isn't a reason to choose a single favorite." We couldn't agree more — and neither can Stanley Tucci.

Who can choose just one favorite food?

Food lovers may recognize Stanley Tucci from CNN's "Searching for Italy," the food travel video journal where Tucci is living the dream, trekking around Italy, and sampling all sorts of yummy foods. The guy lives for authentic Italian cuisine, and who can blame him?

All that said, it would be totally understandable if Tucci couldn't pick a favorite dish — and he can't! He told Good Morning America, "I don't have [a favorite]. There's no such thing." Tucci went on to say, "I would have great difficulty living without pasta. But there are so many, many dishes. Even sometimes a good oyster is the greatest thing in the world."

We've got to admit he has a point. Who can live without pasta? At the same time, how can someone possibly choose pasta over pizza? Or fries? Or hot wings? Fortunately, there isn't any real reason for why we should have to choose a single favorite food over other foods. We can have as many favorite foods (and popular recipes) as we'd like.