Golf Legend Arnold Palmer's Nut Business Is Preparing To Tee Off

Arnold Palmer was a legendary golfer, and while he will certainly be remembered for his athletic feats, he also made quite the name for himself in the refreshment business. His namesake drink, made with half iced tea and half lemonade, is now a famous non-alcoholic libation. But the Arnold Palmer company seems to no longer be content with just sweet, refreshing beverages. Arnold Palmer Snacks has just announced they will be releasing a brand-new line of nut mixes, with an aim to provide their customers with a healthy, satisfying boost throughout their day.

Nuts can be a great, healthy way to satisfy hunger cravings throughout the day, delivering a boost of protein, fiber, antioxidants, and healthy fats that can help lower inflammation and keep your heart healthy (via Better Health Channel). Now fans of the golfer's signature drink can also sample the Arnold Palmer Company's unique take on this healthy snack with their new seasoned nut blends, and this just might be only the beginning. "We are beginning with the savory and healthy snacking products that can be enjoyed both on and off the golf course. Our intent is to move into other food product categories over time," Edward Kelly, Jr., president of Arnold Palmer Snacks, explained in an email to Food Dive.

Arnold Palmer Snacks is planning to launch their new nut blends in March 2022

Arnold Palmer Snacks will be launching four different varieties of nut mixes, including a Protein Nut Blend, Healthy Heart Blend, and a Grille Room Mix in both Sweet and Salty and Santa Fe Spiced flavors. The Protein nut blend features a mix of satisfying, savory roasted and salted peanuts, almonds, and cashews, while the Healthy Heart Blend includes anti-inflammatory, health-boosting nuts like walnuts and almonds, which are loaded with healthy fats and protein (via Healthline).

The Sweet and Salty Mix adds a touch of butter toffee and sweet honey roasted flavor to a blend of peanuts, sesame sticks, and toasted corn. Those with a bit more of an adventurous palate might prefer to grab a package of the Santa Fe Spiced Grille Room Mix, which includes sesame sticks, peanuts, toasted corn, and pumpkin kernels seasoned with chilis and tossed with a spicy hot seasoning, per the Arnold Palmer website. Fans can expect these new snacks to drop on March 1st, 2022, just in time for the first tee-off of the spring season. And once they are finished chowing down on these spicy, salty snacks, they can always wash it down with a cool, refreshing Arnold Palmer.