Sam's Club Is Basically Giving Away Annual Memberships For Free

As a well-known retailer, Sam's Club aims to appeal to its members by offering free shipping on several items coupled with other benefits, including cash rewards, Sam's Club Credit, free health screenings, and more. The company states on its website that its founder, Sam Walton, prioritized his customers' needs and said, "Our philosophy has always been simple. We are the agents for our customers."

When people discussed whether it's a good idea to purchase a Sam's Club membership in a recent Quora thread, one commentator pointed out, "Sam's Club membership is worth it, if you have a family or own a business. It is not worth it if it is just for yourself. It only cost $45 for the basic membership, this will grant you two cards (one for you and one for someone you know)." They went on to add that the membership works out well in the long run for those who want to purchase items in bulk.

According to USA Today, there's now a solution for those who've considered buying a membership but have been discouraged by the fees.

Sam's Club is offering a major deal

Sam's Club, per USA Today, is currently offering a deal for its new members: Those who sign up for the $45 membership will receive a complimentary e-gift card worth $45, which is essentially a free membership. The store has a range of products for members such as groceries, electronics, paper towels, toilet paper, household items, prescriptions, and more. In case you decide that Sam's Club isn't worth it, you're permitted to cancel your membership before the year is up without paying anything extra.

Redditors discussed the benefits associated with shopping at Sam's Club and noted that it's not afraid to embrace high-tech tools and innovation. For example, shoppers can choose curbside pickup or use the Scan & Go mobile payment option while leaving the store instead of turning to traditional methods to checkout and pay. A Redditor wrote, "The app was a game changer! I [cannot, am not] waiting on lines when I can literally scan and walk out."