Aldi Shoppers Are Loving These Red Pinata Apples

When you think about apples, you likely have a clear mental image of what this fruit looks like. While Cosmic Crisp or green apples spring to mind, farmers have cultivated a ton of different types. According to Select Health, 7,500 species of apples grow throughout the world, but this hasn't stopped the Red Delicious apple from ranking as the most-grown variety. Despite its popularity, some believe the Red Delicious doesn't live up to its name. Thrillist reports that the Braeburn, Macoun, Cortland, and Fuji apples all rank as superior species when it comes to taste.

If you can't get your hands on one of these special types of fruit and feel burnt out on Red Delicious apples, one shopper spotted a solid alternative at Aldi and took to their Instagram page to share their thoughts on piñata apples. They captioned the image with text reading, "Have you tried the piñata apples yet?! They are an apple/pineapple hybrid apparently! I would love any thoughts on these!! Love that Aldi has them! Two of my favorite fruits in one." Fans concurred and couldn't wait to jump in and share their thoughts.

Aldi apples that have fans buzzing

The Instagram post attracted a ton of attention. Excited shoppers chimed in with their takes, that ranged from, "Crazy delicious! Juicy and tropical tasting. I will buy these over and over," all the way to, "We've been keeping these in stock at our house for months! I buy a bag in two every week." One follower disputed the claim that the apples feature pineapple DNA, saying, "not a hybrid of an apple and a pineapple, just cross-bred certain varieties of apple in such a way that they produced a more concentrated tropical flavor." But that hasn't stopped the slew of positive comments like, "They're SOOO good!! They're the right balance of sweet and tart! Our family's favorite."

Many followers who got the chance to sample the apples fell in love with their taste, and the appearance of the fruit got some followers hyped for their next shopping trip, inspiring replies like, "Oooooh I hope I can find these!" and, "Wow I need to find these."

According to Specialty Produce, this type of apple does indeed contain flavor notes that resemble pineapple, honey, banana, and coconut, and stays in season anytime from the middle of winter all the way to the early summer. This fruit might not have the widespread popularity of Red Delicious apples, but Aldi shoppers certainly agree that piñata apples have hit their mark.