The Funny Reason Twitter Is Arguing About Soup

A summertime soup like gazpacho may not be something social media would be talking about when warm weather is still months away. But a mistaken reference from Georgia Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene was all it took to turn the cold Spanish soup into a catchphrase that took Twitter by storm.

During a February 8 interview with the conservative outlet One America News, Greene took aim at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and claimed that "Pelosi's gazpacho police spying on members of Congress, spying on the legislative work that we do, spying on our staff and spying on American citizens that want to come talk to their representatives" (via The Washington Post). 

If anyone was left confused by that, The Republican Accountability Project shared a clip of Greene on Twitter with the caption: "Just to clear things up, @RepMTG Gazpacho: a vegetable-based Spanish cold soup. Gestapo: Nazi Germany's secret police."

While there was no mistaking Greene's sinister reference, it didn't take much for Twitter to see the lighter side of the situation. Armchair pundits and celebrities took to social media to share their soup-er reactions to Greene's mistaken reference.

Greene's gazpacho comment ignited a flood of soup-related puns

Spanish chef Jose Andres tweeted at Marjorie Taylor-Greene, saying, "Dear @RepMTG the Gazpacho police was created by me in 1993 to make sure that no one will add Tabasco or jalapeño or strange things to my beloved soup! Please don't blame anybody else but me ... stop by for a glass anytime. Don't forget your mask and vaccination card!"

Entertainer Randy Rainbow jumped into the fray, calling to "Defund the Gazpacho!"

Comedian Kathy Griffin also put in her ten cents' worth, saying: "Hey guys, I'm just gonna finish chewing some of my documents before I report myself to the gazpacho police. Did I miss anything?"

Other Twitter users didn't miss the chance to join in the fun. "BREAKING: "The Hamburgler has been arrested by the Gazpacho Police and thrown into a Goulash." one Twitter user announced, while another claimed the whole thing was "Funded by a soup-er pac." Producer Lauren Windsor claimed that: "The Gazpacho Police have caught the leader of the Po Boys breadhanded" while comedian Noel Casler intoned: "Sure the Gazpacho Police are bad but the elite Vichyssoise inspired pureed terror."

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi might have chosen to ignore the social media fuss over Greene's gazpacho comment, but her daughter Christine weighed in by sharing a photo of her mother with a photoshopped wooden spoon and a bowl of gazpacho on the speaker's dais with the comment "OMG."