Why The Hellmann's Mayonnaise Super Bowl 2022 Commercial Stars Look So Familiar

Super Bowl commercials are 30-second bits of high-quality entertainment that football fans, foodies, or really anyone can appreciate. These ads are seen by millions and this is why the sellers of television ad space can charge upwards of $6.5 million for 30 seconds of airtime during the big game. But some of these commercial messages are designed with a higher purpose, which is to say, in addition to effectively putting the name of the brand or product into their applicable demographic's collective head, there is also the goal of delivering an important public service message to as many as possible.

For example, last year Hellmann's took the opportunity offered by Super Bowl LV to put its mayonnaise into the minds of sandwich-craving game-watchers while simultaneously making a point about food waste. Specifically, comedian Amy Schumer was recruited to remind the Super Bowl's 96.4 million viewers to "make taste, not waste" (per PRNewswire). This year, Hellmann's is back with another important message, and it's using a clever combination of stars to make its point.

The more Mayo the better

Hellmann's is on a mission to tackle food waste and it's using a star-studded ad, sticking with its "Make Taste, Not Waste" theme, which is the second in an apparent commercial series. The popular condiment company brought together legendary NFL linebacker, Jerod Mayo, and SNL cast member Pete Davidson for this year's Super Bowl commercial (via The Hollywood Reporter). "Mayo x Mayo," as the ad has been dubbed, can be seen during Sunday's game's fourth quarter.

The spot features Mayo doing what he was most well-known for as an NFL player — tackling. Specifically, he's "tackling" food waste by knocking down various people on the brink of tossing away some food item or other that, presumably, has not yet reached the point of becoming garbage — and, of course, offering a viable recipe alternative. "Make a frittata," he implores with admirable intensity to a would-be tosser of not-yet-spoiled spinach

Davidson, who is seen crunching on a chip, manages to outmaneuver Jerod Mayo's efforts to tackle him, only to be blindsided another moment later. Mayo apologizes, but Davidson jests "I get it. I'm very hittable," (via YouTube).