Duff Goldman's Crispy Fried Egg Has Instagram Divided

When you want to cook an egg, you have a ton of preparation options at your disposal. According to Jones Dairy Farm, adventurous cooks can soft boil, hard boil, poach, or scramble their eggs. Anyone who wants to fry this ingredient can also cook them sunny side up or over easy. While these methods have won home chefs over, some experimental methods for preparing eggs have enticed foodies. Bon Appétit's YouTube channel outlined how you can sous vide the egg yolks if you want to prepare this ingredient as part of an eggs benedict, and now, Duff Goldman has offered another novel way to whip up an egg.

Over on Instagram, Duff Goldman posted a photo of a very fried egg alongside the caption, "That's how you fry an egg like a boss. Don't @ me, broseph. You can't hang wit dis. Even if there is a little shell in it." The egg method cracked some users up but others were left scratching their heads.

A divisive egg cooking method

The Instagram post drew in a ton of reactions from all of Goldman's followers. Responses like, "Man c'mon! Errbody knows thats a chicken thigh from the RoFo!" and, "Is it bad that I thought this was a fried chicken thigh? Lol," poured in. Some felt put off by the very fried egg, and said, "Dude, you're awesome but no thank you. I thought this was a deep-fried something," and "I couldn't tell what that was...indigestion." Others wanted to know more and asked, "In a pan? Or a deep fryer?" and "Is the yolk still runny??"

Others simply couldn't get enough of this very crispy creation, and responded with gems like, "Welp. Didn't know I need a egg fried like this in my life until now," and "Ooooh man that looks delish. With some old bay hot sauce." Goldman didn't reveal his secret frying technique, but when he does, he might just popularize a whole new way to cook up an egg.