Why One Company Thinks You Should Add Lobster To Your Valentine's Bouquet

Innovative businesses have come up with unique takes on the traditional Valentine's Day flower bouquet over the years. According to USA Today, people have shown off how much they care about their special someone by gifting them cookie bouquets, a mint tea bouquet, bouquets of vintage candy, and even a bouquet entirely consisting of beef jerky. Anyone with a vivid imagination can push the boundaries of romantic alternative bouquets, and some businesses stumbled upon greatness back in 2021.

Maine Lobster started selling bouquets of lobster tails for Valentine's Day in 2021. Anyone who ordered this package had to first cook and skewer the crustaceans prior to wrapping up the bundle in wax paper, burlap, and presenting it to that special someone. Eating Well reported that the seafood that made up this bouquet came straight from Maine and each purchase "[helped] support the fishery's families." Anyone who missed this special item the first time around can now celebrate, as lobster Valentine's Day bouquets have made a comeback.

A fishy way to celebrate Valentine's Day

According to Fox News, Maine Lobster Marketing Collaborative has teamed up with three other businesses to dish out a new take on the lobster tail bouquet. Seafood aficionados can buy a bundle of six tails and a side of clam chowder for $99 from Lobster Trap Co. (above), while Hancock Gourmet Lobster Co. plans to sell the six-tail bundle, minus the soup, for $199. On the cheapest end of the spectrum, Lucky Catch Lobster plans to sell the tail bouquet at $89, and the items have already started to sell out quickly. Goldbelly listed the Hancock Gourmet Lobster Co. for $97.05, but as of press time, the item is no longer in stock.

If you know someone in your life who loves eating crustaceans more than enjoying flowers, this niche bouquet might just make their Valentine's Day perfect. Everyone else can appreciate how this gift can join the list of other strange and fanciful food bouquets concocted just in time for the season of love.