Aldi's Upcoming Donut Bars Have Dessert Lovers Excited

Whether it's a sweet popsicle, a corn dog, or a savory kebab, there just seems to be something extra fun about enjoying a snack on a stick. It's easily portable, doesn't make a mess, and keeps one hand free so you can still be productive while snacking with the other. It is such a great vehicle for transporting snacks from hand to mouth that one might be tempted to wonder: Why can't all our favorite snacks be skewered with a stick?

Well luckily, that very same question has apparently been present in some of the creative minds behind Sundae Shoppe snacks at Aldi, and it appears they just might have come up with a solution. The grocery store has just announced they will be releasing a decadent new dessert that is part donut, part ice cream bar, and all delicious. This sweet new frozen hybrid dessert on a stick is set to drop in stores the week of February 23, according to a recent post by the popular Instagram account Candy Hunting.

Many Aldi shoppers were excited to try these new Sundae Shoppe Donut Dessert Bars for themselves

These new frozen Sundae Shoppe Donut Dessert Bars feature the sweet flavor of your favorite types of donuts, including Vanilla and Chocolate, and Strawberry, as Aisle of Shame reports. The Vanilla and Chocolate variety will be made with a creamy vanilla ice dessert base and coated with rich white and chocolate flavor. The Strawberry Donut Bars are made with a fruity strawberry flavored frozen dessert and decorated with a sweet, pretty pink confectionery coating.

These Sundae Shoppe Donut Dessert Bars will be selling for just $2.99 for a box of four. Based on the social media responses, this new product might sell out just as soon as it appears on store shelves. Many Aldi shoppers were quick to respond to the Instagram post, expressing their excitement over the new dessert. "These are so cute!" @frontpagefoodfinds gushed, while another user remarked, "Wait.. This looks So Good!!" "Ok, I WANT these!!!!" @beach_girl_linny raved. There certainly seems to be a lot of buzz around these new items, so interested shoppers won't want to wait to head to their local Aldi to try them for themselves.