Sebastian Stan Revealed His Dream Foodie Trip On Hot Ones

Actor Sebastian Stan, who plays Anthony Mackie's righthand man with a metal left arm on "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier," said he'd like to be a part of a travel food show with his literal wingman, Mackie. Stan revealed this during a 2021 interview on "The Kelly Clarkson Show" after his co-star playfully scolded him for being a "hermit." Mackie said, "I want him all to myself all the time and he won't let me have him. I just want to go out and do stuff together. I want to go to restaurants together." He wanted to be besties that fish and just generally hang out.

Stan is apparently a fan of "Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy" because he told Clarkson, "I want to pitch Anthony and I doing what Stanley Tucci is doing on CNN right now through Italy." He suggested that it would involve exploring different eateries in Europe with Mackie and "giving back feedback." Mackie seemed to be on board with his friend's idea. Stan was reminded of that idea during a recent appearance on the popular show, "Hot Ones." While eating spicy wings (which presumably did not belong to Falcon), the actor revealed one of the places he would want to visit if the show ever happened (via YouTube). 

Sebastian Stan wants to go to Japan

Sean Evans decided to ask Sebastian Stan about his desire to work on a food-themed travel show with Anthony Mackie on "Hot Ones" (via YouTube) and wondered whether Stan had thought more about it. He also asked the actor which destination he'd like to visit first for the pilot episode. Stan, who wore a flame-patterned shirt that went with the wing sauce inferno in his mouth, replied, "I really want to go to Japan ... but I don't know if I'll make it there anytime soon." The actor also didn't look sure that he would make it through his sentence.

While Stan didn't mention how likely he thought a show would be, he told Evans, "I always thought he [Anthony Mackie] and I should do a travel show. Maybe we will." A fan rooted for the idea and wrote in a comment, "[A] travel food show with Sebastian Stan & Anthony Mackie with Tom Holland popping in and annoying them every so often is something I never thought I needed and I hope it happens." The post received more than 500 upvotes. Another viewer said that they would even "pay to see" Stan and Mackie star in a travel food show together.