Here's How To Get A Free Hot Honey Spicy Chicken Sandwich From Wendy's

Free food? Yes, please! Whether it's Costco samples or special offers on your preferred food delivery app, very few people will actually turn down free food. 

As more restaurants and food services partner with the likes of DoorDash, GrubHub, and Uber Eats, it seems like there are more deals than ever before. With all the competition, it makes sense that half-priced appetizers, limited-time-only specials, and free delivery coupon codes keep popping up. Sites such as Thrillist keep a running log of such current deals, including from which restaurants and through which apps you can get them.

Wendy's, a partner with DoorDash since 2017, just launched some enticing offers for those ordering delivery (via Nation's Restaurant News). One of these is for a free Hot Honey Spicy Chicken Sandwich, Wendy's newest menu item. You might be able to score this sandwich, which Forbes deems "forward-leaning but not too niche," for free.

Wendy's February deal on DoorDash is spicy

If you're going to order Wendy's before the end of February, you might as well order through DoorDash. According to Chew boom, customers can get a free Hot Honey Spicy Chicken Sandwich when spending $15 or more on a DoorDash delivery order.

The sandwich is made with a spicy breaded chicken breast, pepper jack cheese, bacon, pickles, hot honey sauce, and a toasted bun. Its original DoorDash price is $7.74, so getting it for free if you're already ordering for the whole family saves you a decent amount of money. This freebie deal only runs through February 20.

Wendy's has two other special offers for this month. Through Valentine's Day, you can get 25% off any delivery order of $15 or more on GrubHub. And now through February 27, you can take $5 off any delivery order of $10 or more on any delivery app, but you can only use the perk once. Hey, we aren't complaining.