This Is The Most Chicken Wings Sold In A Single Day

Chicken wings are one of those staples available on many menus across the United States. There are countless variations of the dish, from crispy Thai-inspired wings to classic Buffalo wings, which we are sure to be eating, or watching someone eat, this Super Bowl Sunday.

Wings have grown in popularity through the years, but especially after the invention of the spicy, saucy, Buffalo wing. According to Time, these wings were first served at a place called Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York. The woman behind the wings, Teresa Bellisimo, invented them after getting an accidental wing shipment that she and her husband weren't planning for. She threw together a sauce, then tossed the wings in that sauce, and served them to customers with a side of blue cheese and celery.

An instant hit, this appetizer dish grew in popularity, eventually making its way through all of the States. Now, sauced wings are an American staple, though the flavors have expanded well beyond Buffalo. 

One restaurant holds the world record for most chicken wings sold in one day

For those curious to know just how popular chicken wings are, a peek at the Guinness World Records can offer some insight. Sure, there are several interesting world records held by the ever-popular chicken wing, like how many wings can be eaten in 30 minutes. Molly Schuyler holds that record with 501, and may never be beaten as that event has been eliminated. 

Perhaps one of the most astounding of those records is the number of chicken wings served in a single day. The Village Casino, a waterfront restaurant serving up plenty of American eats in Jamestown, New York, holds the current Guinness World Record for the most wings served in a 24-hour period. The number? 40,210 wings.

Yes, you read that right. In 2018, the restaurant served a whopping number within a 24-hour period, and all across one table, per guidelines required by Guinness. The restaurant mentions the feat on its website. Though we can't say for sure how good the wings are, Village Casino must have a decent customer base, and talented kitchen staff, to sell so many in such a short time. Moreover, we have to wonder if the patrons were in on the move for the world record, perhaps eating the chicken wings the wrong way, just to be as quick as possible.