Twitter Has Mixed Feelings About The Botanist's 2022 Super Bowl Commercial

The Botanist tried to pull on fans' heartstrings during this year's Super Bowl. The gin brand's game-day advertisement, available on YouTube, served as a reminder to viewers that bar owners are still struggling to keep their businesses afloat during the pandemic, and it urged gin fans to remain in solidarity with their favorite watering holes at this time. It ended by directing viewers to the website for the Independent Restaurant Coalition (IRC), an organization that has been working to get independent restaurants financial and legislative support from the government during the pandemic.

According to a press release from The Botanist, the gin brand first joined forces with the IRC in 2021, pledging to donate up to $25,000 to the nonprofit from its sales on National Gin & Tonic Day on April 9. Given the recent Super Bowl commercial, it appears that the partnership has continued. While some fans on Twitter are impressed with The Botanist's cause of choice, others seem less than excited about the collaboration.

Some users found the ad more effective than others

Twitter users appear to have mixed feelings about The Botanist using its Super Bowl spot to highlight a cause rather than to merely entertain. One user posted, "I can't believe a Gin Brand the size of the Botanist bought a Superbowl spot and then s*** the bed so badly with it." Another felt that the commercial "tried to do too much" by incorporating the social message into the ad. "No one is going to remember Isle of Islay #TheBotanist Gin, despite the #SaveTheRestaurants tag at the end. ... Should have shown one nice view of the bottle and repeated the name more."

On the other hand, other users appreciated the brand's acknowledgement of the pandemic's effect on the restaurant industry. One user tweeted at The Botanist, "Thank you for using your voice during your #SuperBowl ad to speak up for us all. #SaveRestaurants #FundTheRest." Another said, "The Botanist gin – choosing a cause is often a good angle. It wasn't super entertaining, but it's good point." The Botanist may not have won over every viewer during the night, but it certainly seems to have drawn some attention to the still-real plight of hospitality workers and business owners in the age of COVID-19.