Here's What Sarah Jessica Parker Ate For The Super Bowl

Carrie Bradshaw probably would have spent Super Bowl Sunday at a New York Fashion Week runway show, but Sarah Jessica Parker enjoyed the football holiday in front of the TV to cheer on her hometown team, the Cincinnati Bengals. Of course, it wouldn't be a SJP watch party without a hodgepodge of the actress' favorite snacks from Cincinnati. Prior to the big game, the Ohio native shared her Super Bowl spread on Instagram. It included Skyline's signature chili, oyster crackers, and hot sauce. For dessert, the "And Just Like That" star had a full roster of Graeter's ice cream flavors: mocha chocolate chip, mint chocolate chip, black raspberry chocolate chip (the store-bought ice cream Bobby Flay swears by), and Boldly Bearcat, named after the University of Cincinnati Bearcats. 

"And just like that I'm back on Lafayette Circle. Been looking forward to this for days. 3 Way. X, SJ," she captioned the post. Fans of both football and "Sex and the City" rushed to the comments section to share their favorite Graeter's flavors and love for SJP's "totally Cincinnati" spread. So, what exactly was she making with all of those ingredients?

SJP probably made Cincinnati chili

As a fellow Cincinnatian pointed out on Instagram, SJP must have been getting ready to make Cincinnati chili, a Cincy delicacy and, as that Instagrammer put it, "an acquired taste." Unless you grew up in Cincy, the word "chili" probably brings to mind a hearty helping of ground meat, chili and kidney beans, spices, and tomato sauce. But in Bengals territory, the dish features a mound of spaghetti that's slathered in a bean-free meat sauce and topped with shredded cheddar cheese — at least if you order the 3-Way at Cincinnati's famous Skyline Chili chain. A 4-Way, meanwhile, includes all that plus diced onions or beans, while a 5-Way throws in both of those extras.

Based on Parker's post, she was indeed gearing up to make this Skyline speciality, which can be doctored up with oyster crackers and hot sauce. However, the actress may instead have enjoyed her Cincinnati chili sans spaghetti, whether on French fries, in a sandwich, or on a hot dog. Thanks to her photo, you now know what to serve to a hungry Cincinnatian at your next Super Bowl party, from dinner to dessert.