Did McDonald's Just Reveal The 'Secret Ingredient' In The Shamrock Shake?

McDonald's Shamrock Shake has had a long history. According to the restaurant's website, the mint-flavored dessert made its debut back in 1967. By 1970, you could find the mint-flavored shake at locations across the country. According to People, this treat is once again on the horizon: Diners across America should expect to see the return of the product on February 21. The original Shamrock Shake joins the Oreo Shamrock McFlurry just in time for St. Patrick's Day. The classic item mixes together McDonald's vanilla soft serve with a mint flavor and gets topped off with whipped cream, while the Oreo version sees pieces of the trademark cookie floating around in the concoction.

This year, McDonald's plans to get customers extra excited for the return of this seasonal classic milkshake. Click Orlando reports that alongside the product announcement for this year, McDonald's also revealed what they call the "secret ingredient" behind the shake. McDonald's leaked the hex code to the shake's color — #cbf2ac. This cryptic message is just the tip of the iceberg and hinted at another secret lying underneath.

What's the true secret behind the Shamrock Shake?

The mystery behind the Shamrock Shake's secret ingredient didn't stop at its iconic color. According to NBC, the hex code reveals another surprise, "if you know where to look." In the meantime, the restaurant's Twitter account has posted art inspired by the Shamrock Shake's color and fans have started guessing about the true secret.

Followers on the social media platform have already started trying to decipher this clue, and some have shared their suspicions. Replies like, If this is your sly NFT drop hint then you should know I'm ready to buy it!" and "Wait!! This looks like a NFT. How [many] ETHs are you asking for this," have flooded the comment section of the original tweet. McDonald's plans to release the full secret on February 21st when the Shamrock Shake officially returns. Until then, fans have to keep speculating about the secret behind the hex code for the shake.