Skittles Just Got A Special Makeover For Easter

Marshmallow Peeps, pastel-colored M&M's, and bunny-shaped Reese's cups may be Easter candy classics, but Skittles is also entering the ring this year with a springtime sweet of its own. While chewy and fruity original Skittles are typically eaten year-round — especially among chocolate haters — these new candies have an updated Easter aesthetic that still allows you to "Taste the Rainbow," based on a photo shared to Instagram.

No, we don't mean that the Easter Skittles come in different colors, like baby blue and light pink. These tiny treats still come in the same gem-like hues, but in a slightly more oval shape that just might appeal to the Easter Bunny more than the standard squished spheres. Not much bigger than regular Skittles, these limited-edition candies will look pretty similar to the Whoppers Robin Eggs that some of you may be hiding in your Easter eggs this year on April 17. Are you sensing what we're hinting at here?

Skittles is selling its own jelly beans

According to an Instagram user who spotted them at Dollar General, Skittles has released its own take on jelly beans, which have long been a classic Easter basket treat. According to Better Homes & Gardens, jelly beans have been a part of Easter celebrations since at least the early 1900s, namely due to the fact they're colorful and shaped similarly to brightly painted Easter eggs. While Jelly Belly or Brach's may come to mind when you think of jelly beans, other candy brands have also put a twist on their popular formulas to offer a bean-shaped treat — like Starburst jelly beans, for example.

Now, Skittles is jumping on the bandwagon with its own jelly beans, which appear to come in the same grape, strawberry, lemon, lime, and orange flavors as the classic version. It's unclear whether or not they'll also be softer in texture, or merely different in shape. If you put these jelly beans into your Easter eggs this year, you could just tell yourself to "Follow the Rainbow" while egg hunting.