What Made Trisha Yearwood's 2022 Valentine's Day Meal So Special

Another year, another Valentine's Day! On February 14, happy couples and friends gathered across the globe to celebrate this love-filled holiday in their own special way. Some lovebirds exchanged heartfelt gifts over after fancy three course dinners, while others used the day to embrace self-care. While there are so many unique ways to spend V-Day, you can never go wrong with a Galentine's Day event, whether that involves baking cookies, decorating cupcakes, or sipping on seasonal cocktails.

Regardless of how you celebrate, it's always fun to hop on the Valentine's Day bandwagon and marvel at the red and pink decorations everywhere and the boxes of chocolates lining grocery store aisles. In fact, even celebrities make time in their busy schedules to embrace February 14. While some A-listers like to spice things up year after year, others like to celebrate a meaningful tradition that they share with their loved one. Trisha Yearwood and her husband Garth Brooks are part of the latter; they celebrate Valentine's Day the same way every year, and their go-to date is about as sweet as it gets (via Studio G).

Trisha Yearwood and Garth Brooks recreate their first date every Valentine's Day

Trisha Yearwood and Garth Brooks like to celebrate Valentine's Day by bringing it back to the beginning: the country music stars spend February 14 recreating their first date. "On our first date, she made fettuccine Alfredo, so on Valentine's Day that's what she makes," Brooks shared with Studio G. "Best one yet. It was amazing. I don't know how in the world that 'perfect' can be 'perfecter,' but somehow she finds a way." Aww! 

Following their quiet, romantic evening at home, the couple treated themselves to a lazy morning lie-in the next day, not getting out of bed until 10 or 11 a.m. "I haven't slept in that long, in ... I don't know — since I was in college," Brooks joked.

After more than 15 years of marriage, the country singers are as strong as ever. Their secret to maintaining a thriving relationship? "I think you gotta treat it like a duet," Brooks shared. "You gotta harmonize. You gotta make your partner feel like they're a star." Good advice, Trisha!