This TikTok Points Out A Hilarious Detail About Martin's Potato Rolls

If you're searching for the perfect dinner roll to serve alongside your store-bought rotisserie chicken, or for a delicious vessel for your burger, many people look no further than Martin's Potato Rolls. Described as the "platonic ideal of a burger bun" by Eater, the Pennsylvania company began in a garage in 1955 and is now distributed on the East Coast and in parts of the South and Midwest, per its website.

This product is also endorsed by TikTok user @doctor__ew, or Drew Witte, who made a viral video on the app about his search for the perfect potato roll. His social media clip, which was posted on January 2, has over 165,000 views and 2,785 comments.

White begins his TikTok by explaining how he was "in the market for some potato rolls," but didn't know which brand to choose. He then goes on to say that the supermarket was "heavily pushing Martin's Potato Rolls." On its website, the product manufacturer prides itself in creating rolls with "sweet, buttery taste, soft texture, and distinctive golden color." But White wasn't convinced that the rolls had anything special to offer, until he noticed a certain detail on the bag.

Martin's are a 'roll-igious experience'

The text that Drew Witte noticed on the packaging read, "Delicious to serve at the nicest dinners." The TikToker stated that those words were enough to persuade him to buy a bag of the rolls.

Witte then edited a handful of popular celebrities into the next portion of the video. These were all VIPs he imagined would enjoy the rolls at the "nicest dinner," including OprahBarack and Michelle Obama, and Kermit the Frog. He concluded the video with a picture that read "The Nicest Dinner" with a roll edited in.

TikTok users went wild in the comments over Witte's hilarious explanation. One user, @manicgardener, wrote: "I could cry. I feel like I'm not the only one who goes on an imaginative tangent in the grocer over tiny mundane nuance." Another, @yungelbownoodle, called it "a religious experience," in which the creator replied with the pun, "A roll-igious experience if you will."