Cracker Barrel Just Made A Sweet New Addition To Its Drink Menu

Cracker Barrel surprised many of its fans when it first started serving alcoholic drinks. According to CNN, the restaurant chain added a range of alcoholic drinks to its menu for the first time in its history back in 2020. At the time, Cracker Barrel only served up a beer and wine menu. If you wanted a mixed drink, you had to settle for a mimosa. The restaurant first tested this new drink menu out in Florida, Tennessee, and Kentucky with great results. Florida's drink order numbers proved particularly solid, and the chain expanded the alcohol menu to locations nationwide.

Mental Floss reports that the addition of this drink menu may have served a purpose beyond pleasing customers. Cracker Barrel's profits took a serious hit during the pandemic, and recouping some of the losses via a beer and wine menu potentially served as a way to raise revenues.

Two years later, Cracker Barrel has once again revamped its drink menu, and this new version takes its alcohol selection to the next level.

What Cracker Barrel's latest drink menu looks like

Nation's Restaurant News reports that diners can expect a much wider selection of drinks at Cracker Barrel. The restaurant chain now carries two trademarked wines — Roscato Moscato and Roscato Sweet Red. Cracker Barrel serves these red and white wines cold, and each features a bit of carbonation. In what may serve as a Cracker Barrel first, the brand also plans to serve a cocktail. Diners can pick up a Jack Daniel's Country Cocktails Lynchburg Lemonade, which more or less just equates to a cold hard lemonade. While the wines should stay on menus for the foreseeable future, the hard lemonade disappears on May 15.

Anyone who wants to enjoy something sweet minus the alcohol can pick up a new Fudge Hot Chocolate or Fruit Stand Tea, both of which also appear on menus until May 15. The hot chocolate comes "topped with chocolate whipped cream and chocolate sauce." Meanwhile, the iced tea comes in peach, apricot, and dark cherry varieties, and refills are free. It looks like Cracker Barrel has moved into an era of fully embracing contemporary alcohol menus. At a rate like this, expect this old-timey country restaurant chain to look a lot more modern in the near future.