Trader Joe's Fans Can't Wait To Try Its New Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert Sandwiches

Making a non-dairy ice cream substitute can be a tricky process. According to Food Republic, confectioners have to find the perfect balance of fat to ensure that the milk-free treats have the right texture. Makers can choose from coconut milk, soy milk, cashew milk, and more to create a base, but need to strike the perfect balance of flavor and texture. Serving up a non-dairy ice cream on its own is an option, but stuffing that same frozen dessert between two milk-free cookies can create a truly delectable treat.

Trader Joe's has done just that with its oat-based non-dairy ice cream sandwiches that Instagrammer @traderjoeslist came across during a recent grocery run. They posted the find on social media with the caption, "NEW OAT NON-DAIRY FROZEN DESSERT SANDWICHES @veggie_at_traderjoes Something to be VERY excited about! They are #vegan and look absolutely delish!!" The poster noted that they "did not see them today but will 100% be on the lookout for these for next week's haul! What did we do before all the delicious non-dairy oat things?!"

A love for dairy-free dessert

Fans of Trader Joe's seem to be feeling the same amount of excitement as @traderjoeslist. Excited replies like, "So excited for this! Yes will be trying it out!" and "I love me some vegan ice cream," flooded the Instagram post's comment section. One user appeared to be excited that the serving size was two sandwiches, while another jumped in with, "Omg they're back!!!!! These used to be my favorite!!!!!!" Other commenters couldn't wait to try these sandwiches for themselves, and posted comments about how the non-dairy frozen treat made them want to go shopping at a Trader Joe's as soon as possible. However, some people did point out that the dessert may be dairy-free, but it isn't gluten-free.

The word's out on exactly how these oat-based ice cream sandwiches taste, but we're sure vegans, people with lactose intolerance, and anyone else who adheres to a non-dairy or low-dairy diet is hoping for the best.