The Aldi Yogurt And Lemon Curd Combination Reddit Can't Wait To Try

When it comes to yogurt, a few flavors reign supreme. According to Glanbia Nutritionals, shoppers prefer sweet yogurts that remind them of dessert. Fruit-centric yogurts, or yogurts that resemble parfaits or custards, strike a particular chord with shoppers and end up ranking as some of the most popular choices. But sometimes, a premade flavor just doesn't cut it and requires more creative ways to spice up the creamy treat. Bon Appétit found that mixing in graham crackers, granola, chia seeds, and fruit can take your favorite yogurt to the next level.

Over on Reddit, one user discovered a unique yogurt add-in, courtesy of Aldi. They posted a picture of a jar of lemon curd and a container of plain Greek yogurt, alongside the title, "My favorite combination! Picked up the curd a while back and just a spoonful stirred into a bowl of this thick creamy yogurt is a perfect treat. Tastes so luxurious."

Fans concurred and swarmed the post with comments.

Lemon curd and yogurt may be the next big trend

Users over at r/aldi love the idea of mixing together Greek yogurt and lemon curd. Pumped-up responses poured in, ranging from, "I have so much lemon curd that's been sitting in my fridge cause I didn't know what to do with it! I might have to try this," to "I think you might have ruined me. I love this yogurt, have been mixing in a little sugar free jam but lemon curd... omg. This yogurt is better than ice cream." 

One Redditor chimed in with another upgrade, sharing "I am trying this! Maybe with a little granola on top?" And yet another who never saw the curd at Aldi before, claiming, "Omg lemon curd! What city are you in, I haven't noticed this yet!"

A concerned user asked "Doesn't acid make dairy curdle? I thought it was like immediate and made it taste gross." But reassurance came quickly from someone who stated, "Lemon curd is no more acidic than jam, which people put in yogurt all the time. Yogurt itself is acidic. Lemon curd is not as acidic as straight lemon juice since it also has eggs, butter, and sugar in it."

You might never guess these two could pair so well, but with a combo this bold, it might not be long until you find even more yogurts playing with this flavor mashup.