The Sur La Table Air Fryer Costco Shoppers Adore

Air fryers have taken the United States by storm, but they've only been around for a short time in the grand scheme of electronics and cooking tools. According to Chicago Tribune, the first air fryer appeared after decades of evolving technology in Berlin, Germany back in 2010. From there, the appliance quickly grew in popularity. The first version was created by Philips, and within five years, it had become a household product around the world. The success of the original air fryer led to other companies manufacturing and selling them as well.

The pandemic has only helped increase air fryer sales. The New York Times reports that the need to cook from home, which came inevitably with various states' shutdowns in 2020, helped increase demand for air fryers. Many people were looking for healthy recipes and cooking methods that were relatively easy. Now that air fryers are so widely known, consumers have heard about — and maybe even tested — various brands of the product. However, it turns out Costco shoppers are getting excited about one particular air fryer from Sur La Table.

Costco shoppers love one Sur La Table air fryer

Over on Reddit, some Costco customers can talk about pretty much anything regarding the store. When one user posted a photo of their Sur La Table 13-quart air fryer, plenty of shoppers got excited about the product. The original poster started a discussion with hardly any effort; they simply posted the photo and the air fryer name along with the comment, "5 stars." Soon after, other Reddit users started showing love for the small cooking appliance.

"We got it a few months ago ... It's awesome. Never had an air fryer before. Use it almost every day," one user said in the thread. "I love it. It replaced my KitchenAid countertop oven," another person commented. "Two nearly-new air fryers at home ... Bought this, gave up on those two. Bonus points for looking great as well," another user wrote. While there were a handful of negative comments, most of the users raved about the product and praised its appearances, rotating basket, and rotisserie chicken feature. Though it typically retails at Costco for about $120, shoppers can sometimes find it on sale for $99 or even $79, based on Reddit users' comments.