Frozen Breakfast Burritos Ranked From Worst To Best

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The average person in the United States only eats breakfast three times a week (via Food Navigator). That's unheard of for breakfast lovers. They know that not much beats that magical combination of egg and a protein. Now wrap it up in a flour tortilla, and you've got a dream combination in the form of a breakfast burrito.

Whether you're working from home or not, chances are you're always on the hunt for a quick and easy breakfast option, and you may have already considered breakfast burritos. But as we'll see, frozen breakfast burritos often have an unredeemable quality. The texture may be a one-note pile of mush. The tortilla might become dry and crispy in the microwave, which is ideal for nacho chips, but not for a burrito. And the ratio might be thrown off, with one ingredient dominating the others. But there are some breakfast burrito winners out there, and we've sorted through the assortment to find the best. Keep reading for our picks of frozen breakfast burritos, ranked from worst to best.

15. Sweet Earth Big Sur Frozen Breakfast Burrito

Sweet Earth's Big Sur breakfast burrito promises seitan, potato, and tofu scramble seasoned with garlic, turmeric, and paprika in a wrap. It sounds like a viable breakfast option for both vegans and omnivores alike. There's something exciting about knowing you have a handy breakfast option that will only take a few minutes to heat and eat.

But Sweet Earth's burrito is a major letdown for more reasons than one. Instead of delivering on flavor (roasted red peppers? turmeric?) it's sadly way too bland. One Target reviewer wasn't impressed. They said, "Unfortunate flavor and texture. Almost didn't want to finish the burrito." With vegan food, of course, you can't expect the same texture and flavor of meat, but that's not at all the problem with these Sweet Earth burritos. Instead of being a bad meat replica, they're just bad.

Another Target reviewer said, "Smells better than it tastes. It's just turmeric mush with some chunks of tofu. Definitely wouldn't repurchase." These might be palatable if you have some hot sauce or salsa on hand to spruce up the flavor. Otherwise, these are worth skipping.

14. Jimmy Dean Sausage Breakfast Burrito

Jimmy Dean products have been filling hungry stomachs since 1969 when country singer Jimmy Dean created the brand as a way to pay homage to the "sights and smells and sounds of beautiful country mornings" (via Jimmy Dean). The company first started as a sausage manufacturer and gradually branched out into breakfast foods, which seems like a natural enough transition. Today they're known for a whole range of frozen breakfast meats and meals.

With such a breakfast-centric background, you'd think the company would know a thing or two about crafting quality breakfast burritos. These Jimmy Dean sausage breakfast burritos are an oddly textured filling wrapped in a dry tortilla. It's not exactly a pleasure to eat. One Jimmy Dean reviewer said, "I love breakfast burritos but one bite into this I knew I made messed up ... I'm not sure what I just ate, but I know I'm never doing it again." 

There are plenty of other options that check more boxes than these Jimmy Dean ones. They're just too dry to be enjoyable.

13. Jimmy Dean Sausage, Egg & Cheese Frozen Biscuit Roll-Up

Jimmy Dean has attempted to bring some excitement to the world of frozen breakfast foods with their biscuit roll-ups. It sounds exciting enough; a flaky biscuit encases a filling of sausage egg and cheese. But unfortunately, the execution does not match the promise of what these could be. Freezer Meal Frenzy disputes the use of the word flaky and says that the rolls might be better described as "crumbly". Still, that's not horrible. A crumbly biscuit is still a biscuit that can be jazzed up with a little syrup, jam, or ketchup.

The filling is underwhelming with little pieces of sausage, an American cheese-like product masquerading as cheddar, and a very questionably limited amount of egg.

Freezer meal frenzy sums up the product by saying, "The Jimmy Dean Sausage, Egg & Cheese Biscuit Roll-Ups might not be the best-tasting or even the healthiest breakfast option in your freezer aisle, but they sure are fun." These won't wow you on flavor, but they are a nice novelty that may convince you to make a purchase once (or twice). As for practicality and solid flavor, however, these are seriously lacking.

12. Evol Chicken Apple Sausage, Egg & Smoked Gouda Burrito

Evol's chicken apple sausage, egg, and smoked gouda breakfast burrito proves just how important texture is to the overall composition of the food. The combination of ingredients sounds like just the right mix for a hearty breakfast that isn't too heavy. They even boast caramelized onions and roasted potatoes on the packaging.

But when it comes down to it, even the lovely selection of ingredients can't rescue the mess of a texture within Evol's burrito. Said one Kroger reviewer, "Doesn't seem to have meat, it's just a fairly tasty mush inside."

Another said, "The flavor is good... I just don't prefer the 'puree' texture this burrito has. Cubed potatoes would be so much better." It's mushy and boring when it could be so much more. But, hey, at least you know you can count on the flavor.

11. Good Food Made Simple Eggs, Cheese & Turkey Sausage Frozen Breakfast Burrito

Good Food Made Simple aims to bring you items that are straightforward, healthy, and from scratch. The brand has ready-made meals, scramble bowls, and flatbreads. Its turkey sausage breakfast burrito is made from cage-free eggs and turkey sausage that has no hormones added, along with cheddar, potatoes, and other veggies in a flour tortilla.

Good Food Made Simple has managed to make a nicely textured breakfast burrito that has a lovely ratio of ingredients. It's good. Nothing more, nothing less. Sure, it's a bit sad that this burrito isn't mind-blowing, but it's a great option for a simple go-to.

One Target reviewer said, "Okay, but very bland and not spicy at all. If you can't tolerate spicy foods, this may be the one for you." While this one may not be your favorite, it also won't be the worst thing you can stock.

10. Evol Egg & Green Chile Breakfast Burrito

Evol has a breakfast burrito for the vegetarians out there. This burrito is filled with scrambled egg, potato, cheese, and green chile stew and sounds pretty interesting. The good news is that reality matches expectations. This burrito is unique and delicious enough to turn into a repeat purchase.

One Evol reviewer noted, "Just recently tried the evol breakfast burritos and both were delicious. I really like the addition of the potato, which makes this very filling. The green chile gives it a little kick." But some customers seem peeved that the burrito packaging doesn't include instructions for cooking it in the oven.

One reviewer said, "Where are the heating instructions for the oven? States on wrapper baking instructions on website. So where are they?" If you have a microwave, you'll be fine. But if you want to cook these in an oven, you'll be left to assume cooking instructions and you may end up with an over-or undercooked product.

9. Trader Joe's Chicken Sausage Breakfast Burrito

While Trader Joe's sometimes plays around wild wacky flavor combinations (cornbread crisps, anyone?) the brand kept things pretty traditional for its take on a breakfast burrito. In this case, traditional does not mean boring.

Trader Joe's packed scrambled eggs, sage and thyme-flavored chicken sausage, potatoes, sauteed onions, and white cheddar into a flour tortilla. They promise perfect proportions because there's nothing worse than a skewed ratio of breakfast ingredients. Instead of being fluffy, the tortilla is chewy. The flavors work well together but in general, they are more simple than terribly exciting. This is a nice basic breakfast burrito that offers a bigger serving in a simpler canvas.

Said Aldi Reviewer, "Trader Joe's Chicken Sausage Breakfast Burrito is a quality, flavorful burrito that benefits from good ingredients and being refrigerated rather than frozen. It's not cheap though, nor is it particularly healthy, so this is a moderation food for sure." One 8oz burrito is $3.99.

8. Daiya Fiesta Breakfast Vegan Burrito

There aren't too many completely vegan options for a quick breakfast on the go. And considering how easy it is for a vegan breakfast burrito to go left, it's always better to have a few extra options. That's where Daiya comes in.

Daiya's known for its innovative cheese-like shreds that really melt. They're a combination of tapioca flour, chickpea protein, xanthan gum along with some oils and other ingredients, and sounds like they'd be the perfect ooey-gooey ingredient in a vegan burrito. The fiesta-style burrito is a nod to the flavors of Tex-Mex cuisine with black beans, red and green peppers, potatoes, and "cheddar" and "eggs". It's also wrapped in a gluten-free wrap. A Go Dairy Free reviewer said, "It wasn't awful, but the taste was sort of odd. It is easier to cook, and eat a bowl of rolled oats; the oats will taste better too."

But it's not all bad news. Another Go Dairy Free reviewer had a great point and said, "The point of these is to be healthy and allergen-free. If you're a normal eater then I can see where it might suck but for someone who needs to avoid gluten and corn and dairy they're great. They explode when microwaved which I personally like and the shell ends up gooey and soft which I love."

Will this compare to a flour-based tortilla-wrapped sausage and an egg-stuffed burrito? No. But that's also not its goal and there's something we love about that.

7. Jimmy Dean Delights Breakfast Wraps Spinach & Bacon

This time, Jimmy Dean makes the list in the form of a lighter, more nutrition-friendly breakfast wrap. Here we have a whole wheat tortilla that's filled with white cheddar, scrambled eggs, spinach, bacon, caramelized onions, and peppers. It's a nice departure from some of the heavier, breadier burritos and it checks the most important box of all—it's delicious.

They taste of spinach without it being an overwhelming flavor, but the cheddar is the real standout here. It's just tangy enough to bring flavor and balance to all the other components.

Although these have a hint of green, unlike most of the burritos on this list, there's no mistaking these for any sort of healthy food. Said one Target reviewer, "These are great for a quick option for breakfast or anytime, good flavor and filling. My only complaint is I wish they would reduce the sodium because it's pretty high. If it wasn't for that I actually would eat these every day."

6. Evol Egg White and Spinach Burrito

Evol tries their hand at a Florentine-style egg wrap. This is meatless so it's perfect for all those vegetarians or those who practice meatless Mondays. There seems to be an issue with bringing an interesting texture to breakfast burritos. They're filled with a mix of ingredients but the traditional breakfast burrito flavors all come from softer ingredients — soft tortilla, mushy eggs, etc. Unfortunately, Evol has fallen victim to this exact problem.

The soggy burrito trap has yet to release its chokehold on the breakfast world and Evol is just another example. The flavor and ingredient ratio is good. It's got scrambled egg whites, roasted tomatoes, spinach, potatoes, cheddar, and salsa inside a whole-wheat tortilla.

One Influenster reviewer said, "I expected chunks of potatoes, but instead got a surprise when every one of the ingredients was just mushed together. It tasted good, don't get me wrong, but the texture was not that of other breakfast burritos I have had."

5. Red's Frozen Chicken Chorizo & Egg Breakfast Burrito

Red's wants to tickle your tastebuds with this chicken chorizo, scrambled egg, pepper jack, mozzarella, cheddar, and green chile burrito. The ingredients alone sound tempting, but the good news is that reality does live up to expectations for this burrito. It puts many other sad, oddly-textured frozen breakfast burritos to shame.

One Target reviewer could not stop gushing, and said, "This is probably one of the best frozen foods I've ever purchased — it feels like a stark contrast from other frozen burritos I've eaten in my life. This one is packed with flavor from chicken chorizo, eggs, cheese, and beyond. It's got the right amount of spice and is a great addition to the morning pick-me-up with a nice shot of espresso."

It's not higher on the list because the cooking instructions include cooking "until internal temperature reaches 165F, approximately 55 seconds per side," which is a novel idea, but most people certainly don't carry a food thermometer in their purse. It's better to keep cooking instructions simple to avoid confusion.

4. Alpha Foods Vegan Veggie Breakfast Burrito

Alpha Foods has delivered the plant-based breakfast burrito of our dreams! It's got plant-based sausage-style crumble, dairy-free bell pepper cheddar, mushrooms, onions, and a tofu scramble.

It shouldn't be so good. It defies all logic of what a good breakfast sandwich should be. You don't need salty meat and egg. You can have it if you want it, but after trying the Alpha Foods Veggie Breakfast Burrito, it's easy to see that you don't need it.

This is a breakfast burrito that's perfect for families with all types of eaters. One Amazon reviewer said, "These are so dang good I might never eat a conventional cheese/egg/meat breakfast sandwich again! A good problem to have. Positively delicious ... I'm not vegan (vegan forward is more like it) ... but, the less animal carnage the better, and these sandwiches make the breakfast part an easy choice." Skip the labels, and let your tastebuds lead you in the direction of these breakfast burritos.

3. Amy's Gluten-Free Tofu Scramble Breakfast Wrap

As a prominent name in the vegetarian, organic frozen food market, Amy's couldn't ignore the need for a frozen vegetarian breakfast wrap.

As if organic tofu, hash browns, and veggies didn't sound enticing enough, it's all bundled up in a cozy little gluten-free wrap. One Influenster reviewer said, "Best tofu texture next to EVOL burritos. Great source of protein & simple for those of us with busy schedules." Another said, "I have AT LEAST one of these a day! Sooo delicious plus so quick and easy to make — super filling plus it only takes 3 minutes for them to be done!"

There are tons of veggies in here including tomatoes, zucchini, mushrooms, and carrots, so if you've been wanting to increase your veg intake throughout the day, this is a great and easy way to do it. Just add the hot sauce of your choice and you've got breakfast in minutes.

2. El Monterey Egg, Sausage, Cheese, & Potato Frozen Breakfast Burrito

One taste of this egg, sausage, cheese, and potato burrito and it's clear that El Monterey was determined to get so many things right. The burrito tastes great, has a nicely balanced texture, a perfect ratio of ingredients, and is easy to cook. One Amazon reviewer said, "This brand really does put out the best of the best frozen burritos and their breakfast ones are even more delicious! I suggest baking them over microwaving if you want a crispy burrito, but either way they are delicious!"

As much as frozen food is a dream come true for those on the go, it could just as easily be a dream product for those who are home and don't want to cook. There are tons of reasons someone may need an easy meal and in that case, there are El Monterey's burritos to bring some happiness to your breakfast routine.

One Amazon reviewer eats them on the weekend and said, "We have Sunday brunches and these burritos are a huge hit! They taste fresh, homemade, and they are quite satisfying. The potatoes do not taste frozen, and they have a good amount of filling. We will definitely continue buying them!"

1. Red's Frozen Meat Lovers Breakfast Burrito

Red's does it again. The company was founded when the owner realized his wife's burritos were good enough to share with the world — and it clearly knows a thing or two about what it takes to make a breakfast burrito that is just darn delicious.

The company prides itself on cage-free eggs and non-GMO ingredients and organic whenever possible. While those are all admirable points, none of it would matter if the burritos fell flat. But they don't. In fact, they're the exact opposite – they taste fresh and they're filling and such a nice combination of ingredients that they are pretty exciting to eat. "Nice a full of ingredients, the tortilla was soft and chewy, the meat had great flavor. Delicious dipped in salsa and sour cream! I cooked it in [an] air fryer," said one Target reviewer. "Best flavor of any of the frozen burritos I have tried. Eggs are tasty and NOT fake," declared yet another Target reviewer.

The reality is that you'll probably need to mix up your breakfast routine throughout the week. Grab a few kinds of burritos, throw together some quickly mixed greens and you'll have breakfast in minutes.