How Adam Richman Takes Low-Calorie Substitutes To The Next Level

As a longtime host of many food-related TV shows, most notably "Man Vs. Food" and "Amazing Eats," it is probably safe to say that Adam Richman knows a thing or two about eating well. The actor and Travel Channel star spent half a decade participating in eating challenges as part of his job. However, while the star has expressed gratitude for the opportunities these shows brought him, he also admitted that eating huge portions regularly took a toll on his physical and mental health. In 2013, Richman decided to commit to healthier eating and exercise habits, ultimately losing over 60 pounds, according to Yahoo.

Over the years, Richman has continued to maintain a healthy lifestyle by staying hydrated, keeping active, and making some creative food substitutions to keep his meals within his desired calorie range, without sacrificing flavor. While there are plenty of ways to swap out one rich ingredient for a lower calorie, yet possibly less satisfying alternative, Richman has a few tips to help take healthy food substitutions from good to great.

Richman prefers low-calorie hacks that still taste indulgent

Richman prefers to make the type of food substitutions that "you'd never know it's not full of hundreds of calories," he told Delish. He does so by preparing foods that are just as indulgent, but are simply prepared with lower-calorie ingredients, such as making sauces with coconut oil and avocado or pureed squash, using low-carb cauliflower to make pizza crust, or swapping starchy bread for sweet potatoes.

Richman also credits some of his weight loss to simply being prepared to make healthy choices, even while on the go. He admits to taking a blender with him while he travels, so he can quickly and easily make healthy smoothies or shakes even on the busiest of days. So anyone who is trying to be mindful of their dietary choices needn't resign themselves to a diet of bland, tasteless meals. After all, eating healthy doesn't have to mean food still can't taste great. With just a little bit of creativity in the kitchen, even low-calorie substitutions can still lead to satisfying, delicious, and even downright indulgent dishes.