Mark Hamill Just Threw Shade At 'Beat Bobby Flay'

For those who grew up in the 70s and 80s, there are fewer on-screen heroes more iconic than Mark Hamill. In fact, The Daily Fandom expressed awe over his incredible accomplishments, including his most famous role as Luke Skywalker in the "Star Wars" movie series, a role that Hamill has reprised in its newer movie iteration long after the first batch came out. These movies are only part of the actor's great legacy, which includes other roles in TV and film, voice-overs, and even on-stage appearances.

Bobby Flay is an icon himself, though mostly in the world of culinary arts. WGN9TV uses the word "legend" to describe Flay while introducing a show in which he will be collaborating with his daughter. And the adoration doesn't stop there. One of his fellow celebrity chefs, Eddie Jackson, reveals what it's really like to work beside Flay, referring to him as a "world-class chef" and "mentor." 

Flay and Hamill may not have much in common, but they have both worked their way to the top of each respected profession. Hamill has an impressive collection of awards and Flay has earned his share of accolades through the years for his restaurants and TV shows. So you might be wondering how these two became tangled up in a tiff. While beefing is not out of the norm in the celeb world, given that these two rarely cross paths really has fans wondering, what's the beef about?

Mark Hamill's beef with Bobby Flay is all in good fun

Fear not food fans, Mark Hamill doesn't really have a problem with Bobby Flay, but he does enjoy corny jokes. The beef in question is nothing more than the actor poking fun at a fellow celeb and his show's title. According to the actor's recent Twitter post, Hamill invoked a bit of dad humor, joking that he "assumed" the title of "Beat Bobby Flay" meant that Flay would get a smackdown. As Hamill put it "I watched that show a couple of times, but there was only cooking, without Bobby Flay receiving a beating or even getting slightly roughed up as I expected."

Fans jumped in to comment, with one clever user stating "Right? He's always unscathed," and another quoting Anthony Bourdain's feelings about Flay, tweeting, "Beat Bobby Flay sounds like a great concept for a show, until you realize it's about cooking." Seems Bourdain and Hamill share a similar sense of humor. And as The Blast points out, this Twitter post is not the first joking dig Hamill has taken to shows. He took the same route when roasting "Shark Tank," in which he expressed he was "disappointed" with because "there were no sharks or marine life of any kind." Icon battle crisis averted!