Padma Lakshmi Posted A Cute 'Twinning' Tribute Before Her Daughter's Birthday

Padma Lakshmi is known for many things: her show "Taste the Nation," her hosting gig on Bravo's "Top Chef," and the several books and cookbooks she's penned over the years. It seems that she lives a pretty busy life, but according to her social media presence, there's one thing she always makes time for: making memories with her daughter, Krishna Thea Lakshmi-Dell, whose nickname is "Little Hands."

In honor of Krishna's 12th birthday, Lakshmi made an Instagram post celebrating the many moments over the years where the two of them were "twinning," or hanging out while dressed alike or while giving similar expressions to the camera. "Twinning since the beginning," Lakshmi wrote in the caption. "I can't believe my girl is turning 12 tomorrow. Where has the time gone?" Lakshmi wrote to her followers. The charming video, which showed Lakshmi and her daughter doing things like roller skating, going down a slide together while wearing orange dresses, wearing matching face sheet masks, and sitting behind a "Top Chef" judge's table, gathered more than 68,000 likes in 48 hours. Fans and fellow celebrities and food industry heavyweights all wanted to wish Krishna a happy birthday.

Celebrities commented on Padma Lakshmi's post

Notable names in the food industry wanted to share their well-wishes for Lakshmi and her daughter. Cookbook author and columnist Nik Sharma commented "Adorable," while Michael W. Twitty, author of "The Cooking Gene" and a culinary historian who appeared on "Taste the Nation" and the Netflix series "High on the Hog," said "Mazal Tov. Happy birthday to your mini!" Even actress and food-lover Debi Mazar chimed in with a "Happy Birthday!!!"

Fans of Lakshmi might still be excited to see pictures of the star with her daughter. That's because Lakshmi was very cautious about sharing pictures of Krishna in her earlier years. In fact, it wasn't until 2020, during the filming of "Taste the Nation," that she started sharing pictures that included her daughter's face. Fans seem happy that they've been honored with this glimpse into Lakshmi's family life. "Looks like you have an awesome relationship with your daughter," said one fan. "Keep up the good work mama."