This New, Boozy Canned Drink Is Perfect For Tea Lovers

Just in time for the change of seasons, Geloso Beverage Group has produced a line of alcoholic drinks that are perfect for the warmer weather. Following in the footsteps of popular brands like Truly Hard Seltzer and Twisted Tea, the upstate New York brewery, which is known for its high-ABV (alcohol by volume) malt beverages, including the Sunny Margarita and the Bahama Mama, both of which come in at 10% ABV, has decided to take a swing in the realm of hard iced teas.

Descended from Omni Brokerage Group, Quebec's very first wine producer, Geloso Beverage Group was launched in 2002 and has been serving the United States a vast selection of malt beverages, including canned flavors such as Blueberry Mojito and Strawberry Daiquiri, in the years since.

Now, with about 20 years of business under its belt, the Geloso Beverage Group is ready to branch out. And, as a press release has confirmed, the company will release its newest product, Buzz Tea, ahead of the spring season.

Buzz Tea will come in three flavors

According to a Feb. 17 press release from Geloso Beverage Group, the three flavors in the upcoming Buzz Tea line are Original, Half & Half, and Peach, all of which have an ABV of 6.5%. 

As the press release explains, Buzz Tea's Original flavor is made with a triple-filtered malt and blends of Argentinian black tea, while the Half & Half option contains a mix of lemonade and black tea. The Peach flavor, meanwhile, features natural peach tea extracts as well as black tea. Geloso Beverage Group also worked to reduce the carbonation in this line of products, which is good news for customers who may not be the biggest fans of fizzy drinks.

The new trio of Buzz Tea beverages will hit stores across the United States on March 1 and will be available in both 12-ounce variety packs or 24-ounce singles.