The Great British Bake Off Challenge That Terrified Crystelle

"Great British Bake Off" finalist Crystelle Pereira impressed judges and viewers alike with her impressive performance in the competition series' 12th season. According to OK!, the Goldman Sachs analyst was motivated to apply to the show because of her supportive family members, who were sure she was ready for the challenge. Crystelle explained to the magazine, "My sisters kept saying, 'You should apply to Bake Off.' I wanted to do it, but felt I needed more experience."

She decided to take a leap of faith after her father told her that "the right time might never arrive" and she shouldn't wait any longer. But when she was selected for the show, Crystelle was anxious and wondered whether she'd be eliminated in the first week of the competition. In another interview, Crystelle admitted that she felt uncertain even when she made it to the top four, telling Vogue India in November 2021 that she called her loved ones, looking for advice. She told the magazine, "My family told me to be proud of myself and what I have accomplished. And that I would regret the time spent worrying about how I measure up against the others. I had to go in and enjoy myself. And I did."

However, Crystelle is certain she'll never forget one of the scariest challenges she had to overcome in the beginning of the competition.

Crystelle felt intimidated

As highlighted by OK!, Crystelle Pereira revealed that her family members insisted they watch every single episode with her at their side. She added that she wasn't "used to" catching glimpses herself on a television screen and was "very sweaty and nervous before the first episode came on."

Her biggest challenge, though, was baking for judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith. Crystelle said to OK!, "... The thing that got me was both Paul and Prue trying my bakes, because until then, I had only baked for family and friends, and there were these two professionals." She added that when they were about to sample her mini rolls for the first time, the baker was so nervous that she ended up "almost hyperventilating."

Thankfully, everything worked out well for her. Crystelle told Vogue India that she's hopeful about the future and wants to explore her family's roots. Crystelle would love to film a show in India and "document different cuisines, talk to family members about how they cook at home, explore the utensils and ingredients used, and learn more about where the food is produced," she said to the magazine.