The Name Mix-Up Duff Goldman Had A Hilarious Response To

In the Department of Etymological Tragedies, name mix-ups are right up there with calling your significant other by your ex's name and forgetting someone's name immediately after you've been introduced to them. For example, there's nothing worse than saying you love the new James Taylor album when what you meant was Taylor Swift, or accidentally calling your old friend Kim from high school when you meant to dial Kim Kardashian's number.

Okay, maybe those name mix-ups don't happen too often. And if you happen to have an unusual name — like Duff — you might even consider yourself immune to name tragedies, because who on Earth would get Duff Goldman from "Kids Baking Championship" on the Food Network confused with the Duff who played bass in Guns 'n' Roses? Well, @rmgduji, that's who. Duji, whose Twitter profile identifies them as a morning DJ with Rover Radio, recently tweeted, "Does anyone else cry when the kids get voted out of the Kids Baking Championship?" and proceeded to declare her love for hosts Valerie Bertinelli and Duff Goldman via Twitter tags. Or at least, that's what she thought she was doing. Alas, instead of tagging the children's baking show judge, Duff Goldman, the morning DJ tagged a very different Duff: Duff McKagan, rock god and close personal friend of Axl Rose, his bandmate from a little group called Guns 'n' Roses.

A Duff by any other name

It would appear that you can't be a baker your entire life without letting a few tablespoons of sugar fall into your Twitter account, too. What other reason could there be for Duff Goldman's sweet (and hilarious) response to the mix-up? When a user replied to the Rover Radio DJ's misguided tweet to clarify the Duff in question and tag Goldman, McKagan, and @rmgduji's co-hosts on Rover Radio for good measure, the culinary star took notice. Goldman didn't seem offended by the confusion in the slightest; in fact, he took the tweet one step further: "I play bass," Goldman tweeted in response to the Michael Scott facepalm GIF that accompanied the correction. "Does @DuffMcKagan bake?"

Whether or not there is a Kids Baking Championship/Guns 'n' Roses Freaky Friday situation in our future remains to be seen. As of the writing of this article, rock bassist McKagan has not responded to the question (and possible challenge) posed by his namesake. But stranger things have happened, especially when Twitter is the conduit, so we're not ruling anything out. For now, Goldman will continue to beat eggs instead of drums, while McKagan is more likely to work on his guitar licks than his spoon licks, leaving us all to dream of a day when Charm City Cakes might just meet Paradise City.