Instagram Is Touched By Martha Stewart's Tribute To Her Former Housekeeper

Martha Stewart is a lifestyle expert who has been in the business of entertaining, decorating, cooking, cleaning, and hosting for decades now. She often shares pictures of her own home and its decor in her magazine "Martha Stewart Living" and on Instagram. But what some fans may not realize is that Stewart has a whole team behind the scenes that helps her decorate her home, maintain her gardens and farm, and take care of her many pets. One person that made a huge impact on Stewart's life and business was Laura Acuna, her former housekeeper.

Sadly, Acuna currently has a terminal brain tumor, and is nearing the end of her life at age 82, after retiring just four years ago. Stewart recently took a trip to visit Acuna in Palm Bay, Florida, and she made an Instagram post to honor her friend, sharing photos and kind words about the woman who was not just an employee who was instrumental to Stewart's success, but also a personal friend.

Martha Stewart's touching words melted fans' hearts

Stewart shared several photos in her Instagram post, including one of Acuna in her younger years holding a basket of freshly picked blueberries, and one of Stewart and Acuna at their recent reunion. "She was instrumental in the success of many of the visuals created in my homes and photographed for the magazine- every Christmas tree and holiday vignette was created by Laura and her team. She organized my large archives of holiday decorations. She set amazing tables for dinners and parties," Stewart wrote, adding that she is "surrounded by the kindest and most loving family and friends, in a charming, orderly, peaceful house." Stewart also revealed her "driver Carlos accompanied" her on the trip as they "both love Laura."

Fans came out to voice their support for Stewart in this trying time and also to praise Acuna. "I'm so sorry for this loss but so happy you were both able bless each other's lives in such a beautiful way," said Jillian Harris, co-host of "Love It Or List It Too" and former star of "The Bachelorette." Folks that knew Acuna personally commented on Stewart's post, too. "I'm so sorry to hear this," said food stylist and recipe developer Susan Spungen. "I always loved working in the kitchen with her." So far, more than 53,000 people have liked Stewart's tribute post to her friend, and hopefully Acuna's family can be comforted knowing how many lives she touched.