Why Gordon Ramsay Has Bodyguards On Hell's Kitchen

Those who frequently watch "Hell's Kitchen" might be familiar with the drama, shouting, and other antics that are known to take place on the reality show. As host, Gordon Ramsay is known for having a temper when the kitchen staff don't properly execute a dish at dinner or don't give their best effort during a challenge. Ramsay has never had a problem speaking his mind on set — even if the cooks don't take it well.

Since Ramsay tends to get fired up during filming, it comes as no surprise that he occasionally butts heads with some of the contestants. There have been some major "Hell's Kitchen" fights through the years, some more memorable than others. The "Hell's Kitchen" official YouTube channel has even compiled a montage of the show's most intense moments. It turns out that while they stay out of sight off-screen, there are actually bodyguards standing by on set. And it all has to do with those heated confrontations between Ramsay and his apprentices.

Gordan Ramsay's bodyguards protect him during filming

Viewers might not be surprised, but according to the New York Post, much of what happens on "Hell's Kitchen" is more for added drama than a candid reflection of the situation. Every reality show needs its share of spicy moments, and "Hell's Kitchen" often has at least one difficult chef in the cast who tends to create problems. The Post reports that, while some chefs get right in Gordon Ramsay's face and threaten to fight, it's mostly for television. However, on the off chance that Ramsay truly did get into a heated argument with a contestant, there are plenty of bruisers on hand ready to swoop in. 

The truth about "Hell's Kitchen" is that the bodyguards are there to ensure Ramsay's safety and to step in if things looked like they were going downhill fast. "If you saw the episode where the military guy snapped [and challenged Ramsay to a fight in the parking lot], those are his bodyguards. They are ready for anything," chef and former contestant Robert Hesse told The Post. With the amount of cursing and high-energy attitudes in the room, it makes sense that Ramsay would want additional protection.