If You've Ever Wanted To Try Taco-Flavored Jelly Beans, Now's Your Chance

If it was only black jelly beans that were your nemesis up until now, you may be curious to learn about all the weird jelly bean flavors that have come up recently — though we don't really want to know how they came up with some of these ideas. Fans of Jelly Belly might have recalled the series of BeanBoozled jelly beans that they created that played tricks on willing game participants — many of the candies looked like twins but grab the wrong one and it could be one of the selected few in the bag that taste like something not so pleasing. For example, a bean that tastes like dirty dishwasher identically resembles one that tastes like a birthday cake. The candy company went all out, and included options that taste like vomit, old bandages, liver and onions, and dead fish, among many others. Again we don't want to know how they came up with some of these!

Not to be outdone, however, candy giant Brach's now has a new line of jelly beans that don't evoke the same disgust as old bandages, but also don't taste as traditional as fruity concoctions. Delish reports that Brach's latest roll-out is coming in time for Easter, though even the Easter Bunny might do a double take with these. The flavors draw on classic taco truck staples. In each bag are jelly beans that taste like margaritas, churros, salsa, guacamole, horchata, and even beef tacos. Which really begs one very important question: If you combine the salsa, guacamole, and beef taco jelly beans together, will it taste like a fully-loaded taco?

A fun twist on jelly beans inspired by Mexican food staples

We bet you're curious about what a beef taco jelly bean tastes like, and if it washes down well with a horchata jelly bean. You can now find out with Brach's new bag of Late-Night Taco Truck jelly beans. Target's website currently sells the candy for $3 for a 12-ounce bag, but hurry as they're around for a limited amount of time only.

The Impulsive Buy got a hold of the new candy and reviewed each flavor. According to them, the margarita and horchata jelly beans allegedly taste the best, and generally resemble their namesakes. They gave the margarita a nine out of 10 rating, in particular noting its strong citrus flavor. The salsa and beef taco jelly beans rank a bit lower. While the salsa option captures the taste of tomatoes, peppers, and even has a kick of spice (mimicking actual salsa), the beef taco supposedly tastes more like taco seasoning than proper meat, meaning you might actually have some fun combining it with the salsa or guacamole flavor for more kick. Though if you hate cilantro, they say to skip the guac bean.

The article reviewer even noted that combining all three proved unsuccessful, as the salsa flavor overpowered everything. They suggested to eat each bean separately for the best experience. At the very least, this new selection probably tastes better than Brach's previous turkey dinner candy corn, and should probably also fare better than vomit-flavored jelly beans, too.