Aldi Shoppers Are Freaking Out Over These Hash Brown Sticks

Diners have loved hash browns in all of its forms for generations. According to The Old Foodie, people have been creating versions of hash browns since at least 1835, and röestis, latkes, and tortillas de papas may have served as the dish's crispy predecessors. If you decide to get some premade hash browns, these potato patties might look a bit different than homemade hash browns. According to the Idaho Potato Commision, hash browns like the ones served at McDonald's came about when restaurants started separating out potato scraps left over after french fries were cut into their classic shape. These scraps were then formed into hash brown patties, and the rest was history.

While you may be familiar with hash browns in premade patty form and looser, homemade form, Aldi plans to introduce a brand new shape of fried potato to its customers. Instagrammer @aldifavoritefinds discovered Aldi's hash brown sticks and couldn't help but post a photo. Followers quickly jumped aboard the post, flooding the comment section with excited replies.

A ton of love for hash brown sticks

The Instagram post by @aldifavoritefinds immediately saw a ton of love. "The hashbrown sticks are yummy and crunch up nicely in the air fryer too!" one said, while another proclaimed "I MUST try the hash brown sticks ASAP!!" Others added that this product was a hit with their whole family.

The only negative aspect of this new potato-filled find lies in its availability. One user noted, "I'm in Southern California and we haven't had the hash brown sticks yet. I've been waiting and stalking the store." Luckily, it seems like the product has started to trickle in, with one follower saying, "My store just got a small quantity of these this week as well."

@theamazingaldi, another Aldi Instagram fan account, separately discovered the hash brown sticks and posted the find, noting that "@aldiusa has a lot of breakfast options in their frozen finds section right now." One follower summed up the sentiments surrounding the hash brown sticks perfectly — "GETTING TODAY."