A Restaurant Served Fried Chicken In A Bird Cage And Reddit Is Losing It

Some restaurants have a habit of serving up meals in very unorthodox ways. Certain fine dining establishments have plated their meals on iPads, inside roadkill, straight onto your hand, and even in urinals, per Bored Panda. Another eatery has come up with a creative way to present their fried chicken, and it has diners reeling.

A user over on r/WeWantPlates recently went out to eat and received a meal served on a variety of strange objects. They posted a series of photos of their meal, featuring food on driftwood, stones, and most notably, in a birdcage. The post, titled, "My face when I realized I missed real plates. On my bingo sheet I got to check off: two types of stone (one with shells?), a drift wood log, a wooden sake box with rice in it, a bowl of inedible red beans and, bonus points, also a literal tweeting birdcage of fried chicken! Included fake bird."

Their fried chicken indeed came in a bird cage, complete with a small fake bird and a detachable bottom that held strips of meat. While there are some fried chicken myths you probably believe, the photo the Reddit user posted proves that they are telling the truth about this strange experience.

Reddit's hot take on food served in a bird cage

Redditors couldn't hold back after seeing the complete table spread. Users chimed in with "Why does the pretend tweeting bird in the cage have bedding material under it? To catch the pretend poops? Are the fried chicken pieces the bird's family?" and "Having a tweeting bird with the fried chicken is an example of one of my biggest peeves in food — like Charlie the talking tuna fish advertising canned tuna. Just why???"

Others reacted with takes like, "Watching the same animal species you're eating would be like eating veggies while watching a cow take a s*** on the pasture," while one Redditor summed up the overarching thought on everyone's mind — "Ugh just the cleanup alone."

The presentation left many cracking up and shaking their heads simultaneously. Some agreed that the pictures captured the spirit of the subreddit, and asked, "Is there an actual 'We Want Plates' theme restaurant somewhere? Because this feels like that's exactly where this meal would happen." Next time you visit a fancy restaurant, take heart knowing that even if you get a small-portioned meal or a dinner served in an avant-garde style, at least your fried chicken didn't come to your table at the bottom of a bird cage.