The Egg-Stacking World Record James Corden Hilariously Tried To Break

World records have often been associated with food items — in September 2017, a man from Minnesota earned a spot gained recognition after he managed to grow the world's heaviest carrot that weighed 22.44 pounds. A farmer from Israel name Chahi Ariel broke a world record by growing the world's heaviest strawberry — it's five times bigger than the average strawberry and weighs 10 ounces (via CNN). Ariel said in a statement, "When we heard, it was an amazing feeling. I jumped in the car, laughed and sang. We've been waiting for this for a long time."

There's also a world record for most pancakes served at one time held by the supermarket chain Hy-Vee for preparing "the largest serving of pancakes" in Blue Springs, Missouri. The Community Food Network told Guinness World Records that 18 chefs worked tirelessly for more than seven hours to make the pancakes during a thunderstorm in June 2021. Now, an egg-stacking world record has come back into the news. Actor and comedian James Corden was so impressed that he spoke about the world record on "The Late Late Show with James Corden" (via YouTube).

Corden attempted the feat himself

According to Guinness World Records, Mohammed Muqbel from Yemen was in the news last year when he successfully arranged "the largest stack of eggs" with three eggs perfectly balanced on top of each other in a single column. While there are lots of ways to cook a perfect egg, Muqbel seems more interested in perfecting his stacking. Determined to do even better, he succeeded in balancing four to break his record in Istanbul, Turkey this month. He was quoted as saying, "Many around the world fail to realize the hard work associated with balancing. The art of balancing involves tremendous patience, focus and calmness."

He added that he was into balancing things even as a child and worked on his skills before attempting the record. James Corden was so excited by Muqbel's work that he tried to recreate the challenge on his show, "The Late Late Show with James Corden" (via YouTube). Things didn't go as planned, though. Corden got so exasperated that he even removed his blazer at some point while trying to balance eggs. Unfortunately, the egg didn't stay in one place and fell on the floor, prompting Corden to crack a joke, "I'm absolutely devastated that I have let you all down."