Instagram Is Blown Away By Costco's Latest Decadent Treat

You may have heard of bath bombs before, but hot cocoa bombs take the concept to the next delicious level. According to I Am a Food Blog, home cooks have started making balls of chocolate and candy that could get dropped straight into a mug of hot milk to create a steaming cup of hot chocolate, complete with marshmallows, sprinkles, candy pieces, and anything else you could dream of. However, making these treats takes a bit of time and not everyone has the chocolatier tools needed to form one of these treats. Luckily, stores caught onto this food trend and a variety of retailers now offer special takes on these products.

Instagrammer @costco_doesitagain spotted one bomb-based sweet treat on a recent grocery run to the big box store. They had to snap a picture for social media and ended up posting the image alongside a description, reading, "Donut cocoa bombs $18.79." The find inspired followers of the account to tag their friends, and some even chimed in with their own reactions to this Costco find.

Hot responses to Costco's donut cocoa bombs

The Instagram post attracted its fair share of attention and fellow Instagrammers couldn't wait to share their takes with comments like, "We need these for our next trips," and, "For teacher appreciation with the coffee day." Others responded with messages like, "Maybe I'll go to Costco this week and keep an eye out for it," and, "Love this trend!!" The hot cocoa modifier even created a bit of FOMO, with one user responding with, "How come when they show these things. I go to 3 different Costco's by me and they don't [have any] of the items you post??? And when I ask [an] employee about it. They have no clue!!"

Everyone still faces a few cold days ahead this year, and on the chilliest night, nothing sounds better than a hot mug of cocoa. Hot cocoa bombs marry this comfort with the fun of bath bombs. Throw in the fun of a donut that potentially melts into chocolate and you have a cozy night-in ahead of you.