The Truth About Shirley Chung From Guy Fieri's Tournament Of Champions Season 3

"Guy Fieri's Tournament of Champions" is returning for a third season on February 27 (via Instagram). In previous seasons, culinary stars like Maneet Chauhan, Amanda Freitag, and Brooke Williamson have all competed in the cooking show, and for the upcoming season, a group of 32 seasoned chefs will yet again be gathered together to fight it out for the title of champion.

One of the chefs joining the cast for the third season of "Guy Fieri's Tournament of Champions" is chef Shirley Chung (via Food Network). The name might sound familiar to fans of "Top Chef" — Chung competed in Season 11 of the show, where she was a finalist, and she returned to compete in Season 14, and was named the runner up. Chung joins a number of other "Top Chef" alumni, like Antonia Lofaso and Michael Voltaggio, who have competed in "Tournament of Champions." Safe to say, she's well-versed in competitive cooking. These days, Chung is still cooking up a storm, and once you know more about her background, you'll see why she could be such a fierce competitor.

Why Shirley Chung could win

There are a lot of reasons why fellow "Tournament of Champions" contestants should watch out for Chung. Though Chung was born in Beijing, she was exposed to many international foods in her youth thanks to her grandmother Liang Si Yi, who was a director for The Red Cross (via Chef Shirley Chung). Then, at 17, Chung moved to America. She worked in Silicon Valley before going to cooking school, and she was mentored by some of the biggest names in the country: Thomas Keller, Guy Savoy, and the now-disgraced Mario Batali. She also worked for José Andrés at his Mexican restaurant China Poblano. Between her Chinese and international cuisines background, her move to America, and her work in French, Italian, and Mexican restaurants, Chung has proven herself to be incredibly versatile in the kitchen, which could give her an edge in "TOC."

These days, Chung the chef and owner of Ms. Chi in Los Angeles, a restaurant which made "The Best Dumpling in Los Angeles" list in the LA Times (via GoldBelly). Chung also posted a video on Instagram from behind the scenes of "Tournament of Champions," showing Guy Fieri eating some of her dumplings while nodding his head in apparent appreciation. No one knows how far any of the chefs will make it in the competition, but considering her track record on "Top Chef" and her restaurant career, it wouldn't be too surprising if Chung gets pretty close to the win.