Why You May Want To Ditch Your Round Measuring Spoons

Measuring spoons are vital to the cooking process. They're used to measure amounts as small as ⅛ teaspoon up to 1 tablespoon, which is important for spices, baking powder, and any other ingredients that are necessary for the recipe you're preparing.

Measuring spoons are typically circular, similar to traditional serving spoons (though serving spoons actually tend to be a bit more oblong). And while they might measure smaller amounts compared to your average measuring cup, they are often one of the most important tools in your kitchen. Those who are unfamiliar with cooking (and even people who cook often) might find it difficult to properly measure, say, 1 teaspoon of salt without having the spoon available to ensure accuracy. And if you happen to bake frequently, you know accuracy is everything.

Still, it's easy to spot one major problem with these spoons: Their shape. But now, it might finally be time to ditch those circular spoons for something even more practical.

Replace your circular measuring spoons with oblong ones

Round measuring spoons have one enemy: tiny jars. The most ironic part of this might be that small jars tend to be sold as such because they're only used in small amounts; hence the need for that measuring spoon in the first place. But have you ever tried to fit a measuring spoon into a small jar only to realize the spoon is too round? Suddenly you're dumping a spice out of its container and attempting to land every last bit of it perfectly into the measuring spoon, when in reality half of it is ending up on the kitchen floor or counter.

An easier solution could be to replace those round spoons with oblong spoons, which are designed to fit more easily into smaller, narrower jars. One Lifehacker writer who made this switch says that the spoons have been life-changing. If you haven't come across them, it's likely because they might not be as popular as the round option just yet. However, they'll certainly save you from letting precious spices fall to the kitchen floor — or spending time battling it out with your round spoon and the spice jar.