A Study Just Shed Light On Whether Raw Or Cooked Vegetables Are Healthier

Experts have debated the nutritional benefits of raw and cooked vegetables for years. According to Healthline, both preparation styles offer particular benefits. Cooking vegetables can kill harmful bacteria and germs, gives your body an easier time when it comes to digesting the produce, and might increase the amount of antioxidants found in certain vegetables. Experts believe that preparing certain products, like potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, and asparagus can lead to healthier meals.

On the other hand, other experts believe that cooking vegetables has the potential to rid the product of beneficial enzymes, some vegetables lose vitamins as a result of the cooked-off water, and vegetables like onions, garlic, cabbage, and broccoli are healthier when eaten raw (via Healthline). In order to preserve the maximum nutritional content of produce, Amy Myers MD suggests air frying or pressure cooking the ingredients. It appears that experts were split when it came to the raw vs. cooked vegetable debate, but now, a new study offers a possible answer on the subject.

The best way to eat vegetables

Frontiers in Nutrition recently published a study that aimed to draw links between cardiovascular disease and those who ate raw or cooked vegetables. The study particularly examined if raw or cooked produce consumption led to lower rates of cardiovascular diseases, and the results could influence the way you eat vegetables in the future.

The study followed almost 400,000 participants across the U.K. with an average age of 56. The study revealed that the risk of cardiovascular disease fell among those that ate raw vegetables, but not cooked vegetables. The authors concluded the article by stating that these findings require more studies in order to verify the information, but it looks like those who prefer eating raw veggies might see some particular and unique health benefits. If you need some motivation to include a simple salad in your next meal, take heart knowing that raw vegetables may do a world of good for your heart.