Trisha Yearwood Just Launched A Dog Food Line. Here's What We Know So Far

We all want to keep our beloved dogs happy and healthy, and part of that means feeding them a nutritional diet. But there can be a lot of poor quality pet foods out there that are low in nutrients and full of highly-processed ingredients and chemicals (via Raw Bistro). Luckily, longtime dog lover, Grammy winner, and cookbook author Trisha Yearwood plans to change that. The county superstar has recently launched her own line of dog food, which is part of her Trisha Yearwood Pet Collection.

Yearwood has been an animal-lover since childhood, and after adopting two rescue pups, she was inspired to apply her love of cooking to developing nutritional, healthy food for the furry members of her family, much like Rachael Ray did years ago with the release of her dog food line, Nutrish. The new line includes a variety of flavors of dry and wet dog food, including Beef Chicken & Pork Recipe, Chicken & Vegetables Recipe, Pork & Rice Recipe, and dog treats, which are available in BBQ Beef Flavor and Chicken Apple & Bacon Flavor.

"My animals are my family, and I want my animals to eat well," she explained to People.

Trisha Yearwood adapted some of her own recipes for her dogs

Many animal experts discourage feeding pets table scraps, and it's not just because it might encourage unwanted behavior like begging. Many common people foods, including grapes, onions, and chocolate, can be toxic to dogs, according to Pet MD. Human food can also have a high-fat content, which puts pups at risk for becoming overweight and developing health issues like pancreatitis.

But just because you shouldn't feed your dog straight from your plate doesn't mean they don't also deserve wholesome, healthy food made with high-quality ingredients. And that's exactly what Yearwood is hoping to deliver with the new Trisha Yearwood Pet Collection. "The recipes for the collection are based on recipes from my cookbooks that are adapted to provide things that dogs need. If I'm having pork chops and rice, the dogs can have pork chops and rice," she explained to People, adding, "I want to feed my dogs food that I know what's in it, that I know is good for them, and that they like." 

Yearwood also assured her fans that all the food and treats Trisha Yearwood Pet Collection are not just natural, healthy, and nutritious — they have also been taste-approved by her own dogs, Emmy and Millie, so both people and pups can feel good about what's inside each bag of Yearwood's new collection.  

The products are available now at Kroger.