Twitter Is Making Up Terrible Newman's Own Products And The Results Are Hilarious

You might never guess it, but Newman's Own line of foods has a very bizarre origin story. According to Vanity Fair, movie star and philanthropist Paul Newman called his friend, A. E. Hotchner, over to his house in 1980 for some help with a personal project. When Hotchner arrived, he found Newman drinking beer in his barn and mixing up vinegar, oil, and herbs in a large basin next to some empty wine bottles. The two friends mixed the ingredients, poured the homemade salad dressing in the old wine bottles, decorated them with bows, and later handed them out as Christmas gifts.

If some folks knew that the original Newman's Own salad dressing came presented in dirty wine bottles, they might have dubbed the dressings with colorful names that reflected this bizarre origin. In the same spirit, users across Twitter have started making up other interesting Newman's Own products under the hashtag #WorstNewmansOwn and the Twitterverese can't stop laughing at some of the creations.

Worst Newman's Own fake creations

A ton of tweets started popping up featuring some very weird made-up Newman's Own products. One user thought up, "Newman's Own Sweet 'N Sour Ranch-Flavored Pork Rinds," and another came up with "Newman's Own Moose tracks ice cream, now with even more Moose chunks." A separate tweet reading, "Balsamic Circus Peanut," garnered responses like, "You win. I won't even bother to play," and "Ack!!!! I can actually taste this!" One user took the hashtag to a daunting level, reading, "Newman's Own Casket Drainage Marinade," while another shared, "Newmans Own Durian Limburger Chutney."

Some can't seem to figure out the origin of these, with one user tweeting "Why in the world are people tweeting about #WorstNewmansOwn? Don't people have anything better to do in this day and age? Lord have mercy!!!"

Tweets like "Newman's Own used liposuction fat sandwich spread" continue to pour in with the trending hashtag, but if people really wanted to lay into Newman's Own, knowing that the dressing originally came bottled in used wine bottles could give social media the roasting ammunition they really need.