Why TikTok Thinks This Viral Video 'Exposes' Crumbl Cookies

You can always count on TikTok "detectives" to investigate anything they think seems a little fishy. First, there was Couch Guy, and now there's a mystery with Crumbl Cookies ... or is there? In a video posted to the social media platform in early February, TikTok user @traceo5 spotted a suspicious delivery being made to a Crumbl Cookies store. "Ummm...Crumbl you have some explaining to do," they wrote in the text overlay of the video, which has so far received 6.7 million views and some comments claiming that the cookie chain has been "exposed." But has it?

The chain's success has been astronomic in the few years since the founders, Jason McGowan and Sawyer Hemsley, opened up their first store in Logan, Utah, in 2017, they explained in exclusive interview with Mashed last October. Now, Crumbl is the fastest-growing cookie chain in America, thanks in part to the brand's savvy TikTok presence, now at more than 4 million followers. "When we say we went for it, we really went for it. ...We truly thought we had the best chocolate chip recipe," Hemsley told Mashed about the company's rapid growth. But is there something other than gooey homemade cookies up this pair's sleeves?

TikTokers "caught" a Chips Ahoy delivery at a Crumbl location

Though TikTok user @traceo5 did not share the exact Crumbl location she visited, she was able to capture a delivery driver dropping off several boxes of Chips Ahoy cookies at the store. Seems a little suspicious, no? Especially after the founders said it was important "that Crumbl customers see their cookies being mixed, balled, baked and dressed in real-time," per the chain's website. "Don't even start coming for Crumbl lol them are fighting words," one user replied to Trace's video. Before you get too angry and start agreeing with the commenter, though, Trace quickly explained that the post was just a joke. "I love crumbl by the way but just found this to be funny," she wrote in a now-pinned comment on the TikTok video.

Though Trace made it clear that her video was not an attempt to "expose" Crumbl, some TikTokers were still quick to explain the real reason why the Chips Ahoy cookies were being delivered. "One of the flavors coming in the next few weeks is cookie monster ft. chips ahoy," one user commented. As they correctly pointed out, the Chips Ahoy cookies were actually used as an ingredient for a Blue Monster ft. Chips Ahoy! cookie that Crumbl was developing around the time that Trace's video was posted. Just two weeks later, the flavored launched as part of the chain's February 21 to 26 offerings. In fact, in a video shared on Crumbl's TikTok, the brand showed how the cookies are made with Chips Ahoy bites mixed into the batter and whole and crushed Chips Ahoy cookies on top. Consider this cookie case solved.