Instagram Is Applauding Robert Irvine's Beach Workout

Many food aficionados might know Robert Irvine as the host of "Restaurant: Impossible" and a successful restaurateur who made his name running establishments like Robert Irvine's Public House in Las Vegas (via Food Network). Some might not know, however, that the cooking personality has donated a portion of the profits made through his ventures to the Robert Irvine Foundation, a charity that supports first responders and veterans.

The former Royal Navy chef has also toured with the United Service Organizations in support of America's troops and has even earned some civilian military ranks, like Honorary Chief Petty Officer of the United States Navy. Irvine's deep connections with the world's militaries likely influenced his latest workout routine, which has made waves over on Instagram. Over the weekend, Irvine took to social media to show off his grueling beach workout that included pushups, jumping jacks, and much more. Followers loved the intensity Irvine put into his regimen and couldn't wait to shower him with praise.

A ton of love for Irvine's intense exercise regimen

Instagram ate up Irvine's beachside exercise routine, as many commenters replied with emojis of flexed arms and applauding hands. Others chimed in with, "Get it chef!" and "Go Robert, it's your birthday!" Some appreciated the personality's determination and commented with, "Awesome Chef I'd love to try and do a workout with you," and "Inspirational to be so fit at your age Sir! Well done!!" One follower, on the other hand, teased Irvine by saying, "You call that a push up, Chef?!"

A different user tapped into Irvine's arsenal of signature TV phrases, replying with, "Like Robert would say on Restaurant: Impossible 'let's get to work!'" Anyone who needs some quick inspiration before they hit the gym could take a page from Irvine's book, as he shared his workout routine and health philosophy with Food Network. To work out like Irvine, all you need to do is dedicate six days a week to 30 minutes of cardio and a lengthy weights session. "Make the time, no excuses," he said.