Costco Shoppers Are So Excited To Grab This Starbucks Coffee Creamer

In 1996, an innovative Starbucks employee named Hannah Su decided to celebrate the chain's 25th anniversary by doing something extra special: creating an entirely new coffee beverage. According to Starbucks Stories, Su and her team worked for 10 months, developing over 30 different iterations before finally coming up with the perfect version of the delectable new concoction. The sweet, "velvety" new Caramel Macchiato was originally intended to be a limited-time offering. However, the new beverage was such a hit that the chain decided to add it to its permanent menu, and it has remained one of the most popular items at Starbucks ever since.

The drink has become such a hit with customers that Starbucks now offers its own brand of Caramel Macchiato-inspired coffee creamer. Adding just a dash of this sweet creamer to any hot or iced coffee will give it that signature Starbucks touch, so fans of the beverage can still enjoy their favorite caramel flavor even when they make coffee at home (via Starbucks). And if you're a fan of both Costco and this popular creamer, you're in luck.

Costco is selling this Starbucks creamer for just $6.99

Social media user @costcohotfinds recently posted on their TikTok and Instagram accounts announcing the arrival of this sweet Starbucks caramel macchiato-inspired coffee creamer to Costco shelves, where it costs $6.99 for a whopping 58-ounce container. While Starbucks fans obviously like to treat themselves to their favorite drink at the chain, they appreciated the fact that this creamer is a great way to get a similarly delicious experience in a much more cost-effective manner. "This is such an awesome deal...This makes for great hot and iced coffee and may save you a few dollars going through the drive-thru!" they wrote.

Many of their fellow Costco shoppers were also excited to see this coffee creamer available at the discount warehouse. "This is my favorite creamer!! I use it in my cold brew and it tastes just like getting a real iced caramel macchiato from Starbucks! Hope my Costco gets this one in soon!" Instagram follower @awhaleofaplan raved. Others expressed their hope that the store would soon add non-dairy and sugar-free versions of the creamer as well. 

Costco shoppers who are a fan of the caramel macchiato at Starbucks but don't want to hit up the drive-thru every day — or who are simply intrigued by the prospect of enjoying a delectable caramel coffee beverage from the comfort of their own home — might want to keep an eye out for this popular creamer during their next Costco run.