Why Aarón Sánchez Called Out Gordon Ramsay's King Cake

It is well known that in certain cultures and areas of the United States, February and March summon a classic celebration called Mardi Gras. Steeped in playful traditions like decorative masks, beaded necklaces, and more, the holiday is all about excitement and fun (via Mardi Gras New Orleans). And what would an exciting celebration be without food? While New Orleans, the Mardi Gras capital, is full of great food options year-round, one important dish on Mardi Gras is a king cake.

The king cake is known for two very distinguishable features, its dusting of yellow, purple, and green sugar, and the baby baked somewhere within. The cake is actually a sweet brioche bread baked into a ring shape with a plastic baby, and sometimes other edible fillings, hidden inside (via Southern Living). The baby is meant to symbolize Jesus, but also adds a fun element: When it is found in a person's slice, they become the king or queen of upcoming Mardi Gras celebrations. So what reason would "MasterChef" judge and celebrity chef Aarón Sánchez have to turn such a celebratory and fun tradition sour with criticism in response to Gordon Ramsay's take on the dessert?

Did Gordon Ramsay mess up tradition?

Gordon Ramsay recently posted a TikTok of himself showing how he makes a king cake, but it turns out he "forgot something important in his King Cake," and chef Aarón Sánchez does not plan to let him forget it. In an Instagram post, Sánchez reposted Ramsay's TikTok, followed by a review asking, "Where's the baby?" He continues on to explain that Ramsay is usually the "king of the kitchen," which is why it was surprising that he had forgotten such an important and well-known tradition — the baby hidden in the cake.

In his caption, he is sure to allude that his "criticism" is all in the spirit of learning and good fun by adding, "Still love you hermano. You'll get it next year," followed by a tongue-out emoji. Surprising as it is that the infamous Chef Ramsay could make such a mistake, fans seemed to stand behind Chef Sánchez for calling him out, with many commenting, "I'm with you chef Aarón." But when it comes to Ramsay, many also noted, "he remains king."